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Video Description: While awaiting her next massage client, lesbian Gia Paige watches porn videos wishing she could meet girls as hot as these pornstars. She almost creams her pants when pornstar Celeste Star walks in. Gia is a huge fan of her work and fawns over Celeste like an innocent schoolgirl. As the girls get acquainted, Celeste denies that she's a pornstar and claims to be a model, so Gia denies her a towel, claiming they're all in the wash. As the flustered fangirl gets more and more turned on from touching Celeste's fine ass, she starts to probe her with questions. Until lesbian Gia can't resist the sweet slit of her pussy and begins to probe her with her fingers.

Soon the pornstar's pussy is so stimulated she can hardly keep her mouth away from Gia's pussy. The girls clutch each other, licking and grinding their lesbian pussies together, desperate to cum as they ride out the most powerful orgasms!

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The Shocker
I believe Celeste has the ability to turn a straight girl into giving lesbianism a try.
2022-04-29 02:13
Love this! Celeste's feet need their own channel.
2022-03-09 10:53
Celeste was amazing as always. Star-struck Gia, super funny. One of the best scene. Love it.
2021-11-07 05:29
This is a fantasy I wish would happen. To have the chance to be with a woman who knows what to do.
2021-06-17 21:24
Such a good actor celeste! More of her
2021-05-27 12:43