Relax Your Chakras

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Video Description: Jenna J Ross waits nervously for her acupressure therapist at the spa. She's been super stressed lately, and instead of prescribing some medication her doctor decided she might benefit from some eastern medicine and some chakra healing. Sovereign Syre is an expert Acupressure specialist. She knows exactly the right places to apply pressure in order to help open the chakras and to help Jenna get over some of her stressors. As the massage gets underway, Jenna feels pampered and safe in Sovereign's hands and before long Sovereign has opened Jenna's mind to the next steps. Sovereign pulls down Jenna's towel to access from her heart chakra to her sacral chakra, but when Sovereign reaches Jenna's base Sovereign pulls out a vibrator, to help her open the chakra, and relax. Of course things become primal and Sovereign is soon fingering Jenna's innocent asshole and tasting her sweet pussy. After some sexy 69 and a number of orgasms later, Jenna's Chakras are all open and her energy is flowing like never before!

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Fritz the Cat
One of the most sensual scenes that I’ve ever seen. Sovereign’s delivery of her lines was so calming and soothing, so perfect for a scene that is about tranquility and relaxation. Jenna’s performance of a questioning, but accepting recipient was equally brilliant. I would love to see more scenes that don’t have all the porn trappings, like the moaning soundtrack, and spitting, drooling, and gagging. I guess that there is a place for that, but I’ll take a scene like this anytime.
2021-12-24 14:34
Admins, this video is not tagged under Jenna J Ross, thanks :)
2021-01-02 17:08
They were a great combo
2019-06-13 20:20
Nice. No pimples all over their privates, that’s rare
2018-06-20 21:02
Amazing scene , beautiful . Sovereign is so beautiful and natural. I have never been as attracted to an actress as I am with Sovereign . I would love to see her work like that again . Well worth becoming a member for that scene alone
2018-03-02 11:13