Return Of The Bolster

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Video Description: Client Mia Malkova is suffering from a pulled muscle in her butt that she sustained on a horseback ride. Seeking much needed pain relief, she schedules a treatment with her masseuse Bree Daniels. The pixieish red head assess' her client's condition and decides to put Mia on a triangular bolster pillow. Lifting her butt will give Bree better access to her glutes and hamstrings. She instructs Mia to remove all of her clothing.

Mia wiggles her pantiless bubble butt out of her tight jean shorts writhing in agony. She slips off her pretty burgundy bra, and Bree can't help but notice her hot pair of tits. Mia lies face down on the bolster with her sexy ass elevated in the air. Bree applies oil to her flawless glutes and rubs it in patiently. Mia melts on the table, appreciating the therapeutic tension relieving massage.

Wanting better leverage, Bree climbs onto the table and straddles Mia backward to really work the knot with lots of oil. She applies so much oil it seeps into the crack of her ass and the crevice of her pussy. Bree feels the knot loosening and Mia opening up. Mia gets a little suspicious when Bree starts to massage her taint, and directly along the lips of her pussy. But Bree insists she's kneading her knot. She's only as persistent as the tension spot requires.

To Mia's surprise, Bree pulls off her tank top, apparently to avoid ruining it with oil. She presses her big natural tits onto Mia's bottom, leaning in to taste her delicious ass. Mia tries to resist for the sake of being true to her boyfriend, but Bree's roaming tongue feels too good. Bree rims Mia's ass and rubs her slicked up pussy as she moans in ecstasy. Bree removes her bottoms and tribs Mia's oily bolstered ass. Then Bree sits her client on her face, rubbing her own pussy while making Mia cum in her mouth. Mia reciprocates, tonguing and sucking Bree's clit while fingering her creamy hole till she cums! Enjoy!

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This is very good especially when Malkova fingers Bree Daniels Wery got
2021-03-14 07:52
Very Good. Mia and Bree are gorgeous with their beautiful faces and shapely, natural bodies and great energy at getting each other off. They enjoy each others attractive breasts, nipples, and pussies. Bree enjoyed licking Mia’s cute, clean asshole. They bring each other to multiple orgasms. Bree's face is absolutely beautiful…her complexion is silky looking and blemish free. Mia’s butt is top of the line and her face is also very cute. The image of Bree’s beautiful, natural breasts pressed against Mia’s round firm ass is very sensual. They are good together.
2020-10-21 09:17
OMG Mia's bum is so amazing. Plus, both girls are beautiful and both have great boobs. Love this scene!
2020-06-13 12:10
Prolonged ass massage on the bolster....mmmmm heaven! And it's one of the most delectable booties in the universe getting the treatment. Butt joy overload!
If anyone was in any doubt, Bree and Mia are both great performers and proved it here.
2017-09-16 22:50
Mia has hands down the best ass in the industry n it looked amazing in this scene. Loved the way she was devouring Bree's pussy at the end as well. More Mia the better
2017-05-19 20:59