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Video Description: Casey Calvert is getting ready for her massage, with her masseuse Victoria Voxxx helping put her clothes neatly to the side as she undresses. Casey shares that she's been feeling particularly tired lately; long days at work, tons of stress- she really needs to unwind today. Once naked, Casey lies prone on the massage table, ready to relax.

Victoria pours oil onto Casey's back and moves her hands across it rhythmically. Casey purrs with delight as Victoria works her way from her shoulders, down her back, and eventually down the rest of her body, making sure to satisfy every single inch. At one point, Victoria even climbs on top of Casey in order to apply the right kind of pressure and release any unwanted tightness.

When Casey flips onto her back. Victoria strips down to her panties- her clothes were getting wet from all the oil, and she really wants to be able to work on Casey's body without any obstacles in her way. As Victoria massages Casey's front, she is delightfully intrigued by her shaved and wet pussy, a mere few inches from her face at times. She decides to give it a little kiss, and Casey expresses that that's exactly the kind of relaxation she needs right now. Victoria is more than willing and leads Casey through an erotic, sensual sexual experience.

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I really like how comfortable they are with each other! it makes the video so much better when you can tell they actually like working together and are having a good time
2023-01-27 13:18
Definitely one of the best girl on girl scenes ever
2022-12-25 19:31
stupid cameramen bad video....shot from afar and almost never frames the private parts but only the figures .... junk videos.
2022-08-25 04:49
I love the tribbing scene at the end! I love watching Victoria grind her pussy on Casey
2022-07-20 11:56
I wish massage videos were more realistic. It would appear some of the directors have never steeped into an average masssage parlor. For starters, the person being massaged must have their private parts covered, unless the action takes place across the Atlantic, so at least start out that way and then pretend the thing turned into something else when someone went free-lancing. Have a reaction from the person being massage. At least some reluctance. And yes, the lack of cinematic ambition translate to the lack of ambitious camera angles.
2022-07-18 17:37