Scissor Massage

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Video Description: There isn't any time to waste in Aaliyah Love's eye's. She's ready for masseuse Alison Tyler to mend her aching body. Aaliyah's strips off her dress in a second and peels off her underwear to the floor, plopping her sweet ass on the massage table. Alison never had a client like Aaliyah, taken back at her indiscreet behavior. Even though Alison is doing everything she can possibly do to heal Aaliyah's hamstrings, she isn't going far enough for her client. Aaliyah shows her discontent, reiterating that she is here for the full body release and wants everything massaged, including her boobs and pussy. Alison isn't comfortable putting her hands all the way up her clients pussy but thinks quickly, so not to offend her client, proposes a yoga massage, thigh to thigh. After a failed attempt and carpet burn, Alison knows the only way to satisfy her client therapeutically would be skin to skin tribbing!

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A Scissor Massage is the best type of massage I've seen on All Girl Massage. I wish they would show more of that technique.
2021-07-30 11:06
This is THE video I have been looking for FOREVER!!!! What is hotter than two beautiful, sexy, girls going at it like like they really mean it?
2021-05-28 00:35
an ode to tribbing +++
2019-08-03 16:25
Yeah, Miss Aaliya did say a full body massage and Alison worked her magic.
2019-02-25 04:56
SCISSOR MASSAGE : One of your VERY best !! The story line is awsome, the seduction so hot !! Yes after many videos i have watched, i focus on the story line too, sometimes it is very good, like in this case. The performers were good but i missed Angela White who has kept a similar role in "tribbing tension". Bravo !!
2017-10-09 13:02