Secret Selfies

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Video Description: The lovely Serene Siren is a massage therapist at the appropriately-named Serene Spa. Her newest customer is Kenna James, who is getting a massage for the first time. What a delightful milestone! But it seems like that's not the only thing Kenna is here for, because she takes some sexy selfies when Serene wanders off to do some preparations for the massage.

When Serene comes back, Kenna strips and lies down on the massage table, so Serene can start rubbing her beautiful body. Serene's skilled hands leave Kenna purring and moaning in bliss, and eventually Serene asks if she can remove Kenna's towel for easier access. She has to massage EVERY muscle, after all!

As Kenna enjoys her nude massage, she takes out her phone for another sultry selfie, and Serene asks what she's doing. Kenna admits that she's taking selfies for her fans, and she's sure that her fans would love to see Serene too! Serene isn't so sure about appearing in a sexy photo, but she appreciates the compliment enough to have sex with Kenna, so Kenna must be doing something right! And who knows, after all that sensual rubbing and licking, maybe Serene will want a nice souvenir photo with Kenna after all!

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Kenna James Damp you are sexy. Like super sexy. And you and Serene smoke girl girl sex big time.
2022-06-12 05:14
Summer Rayne
Serene and Kenna are individually wonderful and together... this scene was electric!
2022-04-28 07:54
We need to see much more of Serene outside of MG. It was great to see here do so something different. She was the sexiest that I have seen her because her character was more believable. I couldn't even recognize her at first at the beginning of the scene.
2021-09-15 22:21
Hank Moody
Not sure believable is the word
2021-10-19 10:50
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
My 3rd time watching this scene and I think I'm just now coming down off cloud 18. First off, thank you Serene for making it happen! 2nd thanks Kenna for being willing to do it!
2021-07-25 05:12
Sorry, but I just found this one dull. No seduction real point
2021-05-04 19:15