Self Defense

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Starring Edyn Blair, Lyra Law
Video Description: Masseuse Lyra Law greets her self-defense instructor Edyn Blair for her massage therapy appointment. Edyn playfully puts Lyra in a headlock as they review the moves from class. Lyra's forgotten a lot of her lessons and she accidentally touches Edyn's groin. As Edyn gets undressed for her session, Lyra respectfully averts her eyes.

Lyra begins by massaging Edyn's glutes and comments on the softness of her skin. They catch up on life since self-defense class. Edyn's not seeing her boyfriend anymore. She's been dating a few girls here and there. Lyra instructs her to turn onto her back. She comments on her tattoo and her rockin' bush. Edyn nervously covers her big breasts with her arms. Lyra moves them to the side so she can massage them. As Lyra works her way down her legs, she licks her feet and blames it on the lotion.

Lyra's hand sweep across the length of Edyn's body, stroking her pussy too. She spreads Edyn's legs giving her access to the innermost parts of her thighs. She sneaks a lick of her pussy and blames it on the lotion. Edyn likes it and asks for more. Lyra places Edyn's finger on her own clit while she strips naked. Then she climbs onto the table and makes her cum lickety split with her tongue.

Lyra tribs her instructor's wet pussy before Edyn eats her out and makes her cum. She puts Edyn on her hands and knees and fingers her pussy while rimming her asshole. Lyra scoots underneath Edyn and the lesbians 69 till Edyn gives Lyra an electrifying orgasm. Then Lyra reciprocates making Edyn cum hard in her mouth!

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Wow …
2021-08-29 21:58
Damn these two put on a clinic with this scene here. Lyra continues to put out good scenes on here and Girlsway n looks amazing every time. Edyn did a really good job here as well just like she did in her other scene with Jaye I believe? Either this was a fantastic scene
2017-07-14 07:03
I dont gush over a scene often, but this one was pretty hottt. Ms blair as usual is extremely hott, and i kind of like that crew cut bush she got. Ms law i almost liked her cut, a little too landing strip and a little too stubbly. One really hott thing was ms blairs underarms, little stubbly, like she wasnt 100% sure she was going to the spa to get fucked, more like it was another errand on her day. Whether intentjonal or not, well done and please please more ofmthis kind of detail!

But look. The dialogue and banter and seduction was excellent. The accidental crotch grab in the beginning really set it off, look at both of their expressions. Awesome. More like this where it isnt a sure thing, even halfway into the film, that someones getting fucked.
2017-07-03 22:22
Per scene description it's Lyra Law not Jill Cassidy. Looks hot still.
2017-06-27 13:09
This looks like a must see scene!!
2017-06-24 12:10