Sensation Therapy: Part One

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Video Description: Aspen Rae storms into the All Girl Massage in the most dire of situations... She can't feel her back and needs someone to help her right away. Jessa Rhodes hears her distress from up front and offers her services immediately with a new treatment called, sensation therapy. Jessa asks Aspen to fully undress and begins rubbing her sore back and tight butt and all the while, Aspen has a blindfold to heighten her senses. Even though her soreness is on her back, Jessa insists that she massage every single part of her body with a feather tickler touching her inch by inch. The massage also includes Jessa's mouth on her shaved pussy. Jessa stimulates her client's hole with her tongue and fingers, making Aspen scream in euphoria. Jessa squats on top of Aspen as she indulges in lesbian bliss and orgasmic heaven. But Aspen's back is still sore even after such a magnificent sex-capade, Jessa gives it another shot to fulfill her customers needs!

To be continued...

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Jessa is the consumate seductress, and a fine actress as well, beautiful scene
2022-11-15 09:15
Great scene.
2021-10-21 01:38
i know i shouldn't shoot for realism here but you complained about your pain, went to a massage parlor instead of a hospital and then were able to move freely just fine. I pretty much stopped caring about it when the feather wand came out. though i will say. both are extremely hot.
2020-08-19 23:07
Why was your first thought to go to a massage therapist and not a hospital?
2018-08-18 08:21
Would love for more feather massage scenes with Capri Cavanni, Bridgette B., Cassidy Banks, Teanna Trump, or Angelina Chung as clients.
2016-10-24 21:44