Sensual Yoni Massage

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Finally an AGM that actually uses the oil. Most times the only use such a small amount that you can't even see it. A body covered in oil, like Karlee's was, is so erotic. More oil would add so much more to the eroticism of AGM scenes.
2021-08-31 02:51
I’m typically prefer scenes with a romantic plot and good dialogue. However, this scene is the best that I’ve watched in a long time. I love the cinematography and how natural everything was. Lacy and Karlie had so much passion it was incredible to watch. I had to pause the scene momentarily because there was so much beauty I felt my eyes watering up. If you all could pair Lacy and Karlie together again that’d be amazing. Also, i think it would be good if Lacy was in a romantic scene with Scarlit Scandal. They’re both so beautiful but couldn’t look anymore different from one another. It’d be interesting to see their contrast.
2021-07-02 19:37
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2021-08-31 02:48
FUCKING amazing!
2021-06-17 13:33
Well guys., this is no jerk off material at all, this is a work of erotic Art! The camera is making Love to karlees body as much as Lacys hands and tongue do. Karlees orgasming is great and man, Lacy knows how to please a woman. The moment, Karlee goes down on Lacy, eager to return all the favors to her beautiful and horny masseuse is priceless, and there is enough sweet kissing to give that scene ist sweet moments. Very well done, kudos to everyone involved!
2021-03-29 16:09
Now, that is a statement how to do lesbian porn!
2021-03-28 17:55