Sex Therapy

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Video Description: Alix Lynx is having the most trouble finding a boyfriend that will stick around. Alix doesn't seem to see that it's her fear of being clumsy that keeps the clumsy ball rolling, as soon as she reaches out, and feels an inkling of nerves she screws it up and men just run away like a husky in a field. But Tasha can help. Alix is plenty attractive enough, she works out takes care of herself. What more could a guy want? Tasha stands back and watches as Alix strips down to her underwear. She notices how clumsy Alix is and how she doesn't seem to trust. Tasha tells her to finish disrobing. When she does, Tasha tells her that by the end of this massage she will have no more issues with keeping men, and Tasha sure puts her expert techniques to good use, because Alix shifts from clumsy girl to sultry pussy licker!

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Let's see. Would I leave Alix Lynx alone at a restaurant after she spilled her drink and knocked my food on me?
2021-09-27 17:38
Hi name is Ray.And im not sure if you can see this but i just want to say that in my opinion you are the hottest girl alive.Ive seen many of your films and more solo film no less.What would it take to meet you ?? i actually live in Myrtle Beach,SC love for you to contact me direct.My email is [email protected] is my dream of meeting you.....please reply here or via my email....thank you
2020-10-03 07:13
Sexy scene but Tasha didn't need to make a show of stripping while her client was blind folded.. She could have done a more seductive and intimate massage with that rime... Still a sexy hot scene...
2016-09-09 09:03
The gum chewing was annoying.
2015-11-09 00:37
Definitly misses the mark. ( mouthful of gum doesn't help)
2015-05-05 05:40