She Knows What I Like

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Video Description: Jenna Sativa arrives for her regularly scheduled massage. But instead of her usual masseuse, Abigail, she finds Izzy Lush waiting for her. Izzy explains that Abigail is on vacation, so Izzy is covering for her. Jenna suggests that maybe she should reschedule her massage for when Abigail is back, because she's very particular about her massages.

However, Izzy assures Jenna that she can take good care of her. In fact, she even has a new massage feature for Jenna to try: a bolster! Jenna agrees to try it, so she strips down for the massage and positions herself on the bolster, which conveniently puts her beautiful ass on display.

Izzy uses massage oil to lavish attention on Jenna's ass, and rubs her pretty legs and feet as well. Once she's done with Jenna's backside, she removes the bolster so Jenna can turn over. Izzy then massages Jenna's front, including her breasts. Eventually, Izzy offers to make the massage even better, rubbing Jenna's pussy and licking her breasts as Jenna gasps with pleasure. They kiss, and Izzy gets undressed too, so they can really take the pleasure to the next level. It sure looks like Jenna is glad she gave Izzy a try!

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This is a another homerun. Fantastic work here.
2022-11-20 12:10
Hot episode. Love the full bush!
2022-09-24 06:17
Aussie Fan
Oh Jenna, you're soooo fucking hot, watching Izzys toungue in your arse was fucking hot.!!!!!!
2022-09-10 10:16
Bree, Bree, Bree, PLEASE put these two sensational women in a We Like Girls episode...soon!!
They were so HOT together (emphasis on "together") in this massage scene!!
Maybe a man finds it difficult to know if a woman's orgasms are real.
But in this scene, there is absolutely NO doubt they were--all of them!!
You could see the cum dripping off them!
And their incoherent babbling is further proof of their TOTAL pleasure in each other.
This was a match made in heaven!!
We Like Girls, Bree, We Like Girls for these two, PLEASE!!!
2022-09-09 11:06
Very very good. Complet movie.
2022-08-01 04:11