Silent Sex

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Video Description: Anissa Kate is at the spa for a massage today. Tiffany is eager to rub down the beautiful French babe from the moment she lays eyes on the busty client. She leads Ms. Kate to her massage room and allows her to disrobe. When she returns, she slips an eye mask over Anissa's eyes in order to help her relax even more. As Tiffany starts the massage it's clear she wants something more from Anissa. She rubs her parts as best she can without drooling right onto Ms. Kate's perfect skin! She can't help but masturbate while touching Ms. Kate. She takes herself to the bathroom where she disrobes to finish herself off before continuing with the massage. Luckily, Anissa Kate is a super intuitive French knockout, and she finds Tiffany in the bathroom masturbating to the thought of rubbing her perfect skin. Anissa Kate instantly knows what Tiffany wants and she jumps in like nothing happened, only to be ravaged by the horny masseuse's warm slick tongue!

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This is one of my favourite All Girl Massage scenes ever. Anissa Kate and Tiffany Tyler are hot.
2022-07-15 02:07
When she was massaging her feet, I found myself yelling at the screen “Suck her toes!” That would have been amazing!
2022-06-14 20:17
Jackson Roy Kirk
I honestly wouldn't have minded if this stopped with Tiffany on her own. Very well done
2022-01-24 10:56
Super boring!!
2021-09-24 15:18
Holy shit,
I've seen some hot scenes.
But Damn!beautiful.....
2020-11-21 03:40