Spa Staycation: Part Two

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Video Description: Last time on All Girl Massage we met Bianca Breeze and step-daughter Darcie Dolce. Darcie's dad is such a flake that they had to stay home from their first big family trip. Bianca has always been one to think on her feet, so she took the opportunity to pamper her step-daughter Darcie by massaging her beautiful body with oil, following her tension with her expert hands deep inside Darcie's pussy, sharing their first mother daughter lesbian orgasms. Moving to the bed, Darcie wants to repay the favor, showing her mamma that her massage techniques are pretty great too. It doesn't take long before the horny teen gets even hornier, touching her mamma's lesbian pussy, only inches away from her big beautiful budding breasts. When all is said and done, their spa staycation was far more orgasmic and lesbian than either thought it would be. It's a good thing daddy decided to flake!

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Very good.
2021-11-05 13:02
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Well so much for saying she doesn't do girls twice! I wonder what changed her(Bianca's)mind? Was it Darcis hot lesbian pussy or her paychecks that come with working with the top names? At either rate, this was much better than part 1. Much better chemistry and obvious lack of negative energy between them.
2021-07-25 04:43
WOW Darcie and Bianca are VERY HOT together...
2016-06-10 08:39