Super Girls

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Video Description: April O'Neil is a big fan of comicon, and as her name would have you believe April O'Neil is her favorite character of all. Dillion Harper is also a humongous fan, and when she comes into the spa to see April dressed up, she can't help but ask the beautiful masseuse to wear the outfit for her massage. April is more than happy to leave on her uniform and start rubbing down the cute American chick's beautiful tits and sweet round ass with tons and tons of oil. But as the massage gets heated, April and Dillion can't help but wonder what it might be like to fuck the characters they're dressed as. They share some action hero inspired kisses, and suck one another's beautiful full tits, but things don't stop there! April climbs on top of Dillion, using her flirty attitude and her sexy outfit to seduce her. Before long Dillion is screaming in ecstasy from April O'Neil's warm tongue drilling deep inside her wet shaved pussy.

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The things I would give to blow my load inside of April's gorgeous pussy :)
2022-01-04 19:46
Good…Dillion and April are cute ladies with attractive breasts and slim, well proportioned bodies. April has a set of the most beautiful, natural breasts with erect nipples and gorgeous, large, light brown aureolas. Good scene with the ladies rubbing their large breasts/nipples together. Good scene where Dillion eats April while rubbing her own pussy. Dillion appears to get April off. The video is enjoyable…simple but enjoyable. Film is short.
2020-10-19 16:07
2 of the best in the same scene..........
2020-06-13 01:27
Super Girls. Amen to that.
2019-10-14 22:47
Cowabunga, I love bush!
2015-11-10 23:37