Surrender Spa

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Video Description: Cindy Starfall came to Layla at the spa today to sort out a real issue she has being touched. Whenever she tries to be intimate, she finds that she is uncomfortable with other touching her. She was told that Layla knows the tricks of the trade to help Cindy work through her intimacy issues. As they get started, and Cindy gets undressed, Layla uses some restraints and a blindfold to hold Cindy down. Cindy seems resistant, but Layla has the words to help Cindy relax bit by bit. Cindy feels helpless, but Layla lulls her into a state of deep relaxation, when Cindy finds the sensation less and less ticklish. Each time Layla lays her soft, oily hands on Cindy's beautiful skin, she reacts by tensing up. Soon, Layla realizes she has to pull out the big rigs. She starts massaging Cindy's beautiful ass, and soon she flips Cindy over. What Layla has planned for Cindy next is something so hot, that you won't believe it even if I told you!

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Two amazing fantasy models--a Vietnamese and Israeli together! =)
2021-07-11 15:19
I've heard elsewhere that this young model (who uses the name Layla) is Israeli, so the title of the other video session (as mentioned below, "Me - Sakj") is appropriate, but Google Translate doesn't recognize it
2018-01-13 18:04
@Wildside67 "I think Me - Sakj is Hebrew for massage, I could be wrong"

Makes as much sense as anything. I wonder how it's pronounced?
2014-10-02 14:54
Okay, as usual, no place to put there clothes. Still sticking with the oil/lotion belt I suggested long ago. That is good.Need to go back to using a towel to add to seduction. This seen was different. kind of had sedcuction in a quirky way. While on back could have shown a couple more pussy shots. Still looking for great sedcuction. Rest of scene was decent.
2014-10-01 02:10
Stills By Alan
rest assured mt friend we spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on the elaborate seductions for AGM because we know you guy value the effort. obviously some are bigger than others but we always pay attention to it and prioritize it.

i'm surprised you are lamenting the loss of the towel. a lot of the other members applauded the fact that the models are nude from the outset of the massage. but do you like the towel because it left something to the imagination? how do the other members feel? should we switch it up and do some towel and some without?

what do you mean about "no place to put the clothes?" not sure if i understand...
2014-10-02 19:21
Hey, Alan, I think I understand the part about the clothes. I wrote a short bit about it in a scene submission called "The Erotic Massage". I would re-write the dialog a little, if I could, but it gets to the gist of what I think comments like this are meaning. It also has a few elements in it that I'd like to see more often, but I'm not trying to shameless plug it(really, I just wrote it as kind of a lark).

As far as the whole towel thing goes, if it makes sense in relation to the overall scenario, I'm fine with it, but it doesn't make much difference to me, one way or the other.
2014-10-06 12:15
There is really a lot to like with this scene. Good running length, lots of nipple and breast play, and the mutual breast worship is really hot. The kissing is about as good as any I've seen on the site, and that twig, or stick, is a really nice touch. Who thought of that? Layla is truly gorgeous, and Cindy is surprisingly hot. I was a bit disappointed that after Layla's initial finger penetration, all we got were side views. And I would have dispensed with the whole room camera altogether during the final sequence, and just focused one front and center, with occasional cuts to Layla's reactions. Other than those two critiques, I really liked the way this was shot. The editing in the second half, though, was kind of jumpy. Too many cuts, imo. Btw, I noticed that the background music faded out pretty quickly, which is a nice change.

Overall, very well done.
2014-09-30 14:03