Teacher's Tramp

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Video Description: Carmen Caliente is on the phone with her friend talking about how epic her weekend was. She ended up hooking up with all sorts of girls and can't wait to start college and find some new pussy. When her friend tells her that a new massage parlor opened up, Carmen asks her if that's the one that Maddy O'Reilly is working at. Her friend tells her it is and that she should go check it out. Carmen hangs up the phone and starts thinking about how hot it would be to dyke it out with her old teacher. Now that she's 18, she's 100% sure she could seduce her. When she gets to the salon, she asks Maddy if she remembers her. Maddy tells her she looks familiar but isn't 100% sure where she knows her from. Carmen tells her she used to be one of her students. When Maddy confirms that she's 18, she takes her in the back and asks her to take off her clothes for the massage. What Maddy didn't expect is for Carmen to start taking off her clothes in front of her. She lies down on the table and can't believe how good Maddy's hands feel on her body. Maddy massages her back and legs but Carmen keeps telling her to get closer to her ass and pussy. Every time they do, Carmen moans a little louder. When Carmen turns around and lies on her back, she motions for Maddy to massage closer to her pussy. Eventually Maddy does exactly that but Carmen wants her fingers inside her. She grabs her hands and puts them on her pussy. Maddy thinks she could provide some additional relief and she gets up on the table and starts eating Carmen's pussy. She returns the favor in kind as she eats her old teacher's pussy. When she starts college, she knows exactly where she's gonna go to blow up some steam when she gets stressed: right here at this salon with her old teacher!

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Blowing up steam would be a pretty impressive feat
2021-12-06 00:08
Very Good. Carmen and Maddy have young, attractive faces and bodies. I really like their natural breasts and aureoles and their nipples that are always erect. Both have pink, wet pussies that a man or women can bury their face in. They have great pussy lips for licking and sucking. The initial conversation and action into the sex is very sensual and well done. Carmen offers very good direction and Maddy is very coy in following. The short five to seven seconds where Maddy rubs Carmen’s clit with her nose is very erotic and sensual. You don’t witness the nose being used very often to massage a woman’s clit. The ass licking and tribbing was very effective by both Carmen and Maddy. They were very good together. They interact very well. More of them together, please.
2020-12-03 09:49
Love this clip....more close up pussy massaging please.
2018-05-30 19:10
I can't get over how GREAT Maddy looks! Very sexy well played scene Ladies!!
2018-05-29 06:07
I could watch Carmen Caliente's bubble ass and vagina get massaged all day. Watching Maddy O'Reilly fondle Carmen's ass from the 9:52 to the 10:33 mark on the video timeline was breathtaking. Hearing Carmen getting turned on by whispering and moaning really made this part smokin' hot. I really wish that part had lasted longer. Maybe instead Maddy starts to actually touch Carmen's pussy and stretch it out a little. Then she fingers her for a moment... and decides to flip Carmen over. That's what would make it kind of comical (in a good way) to see the ass massage clearly go to far, and then that's when the decision is made to flip over because the massage is getting a little inappropriate.

Carmen is like my best friend's sister. I can just imagine, it's the start of summer, I'm at my best friends house, and he has to run a couple errands. But I can stay and hang out until he comes back. Coincidentally, my best friend's sister Carmen has her friend Maddy come over for a massage to cap off a long school year. I'm watching, kind of curiously as the massage is friendly and un-sexual. Then, the moment when I see Maddy start to spread Carmen's legs so she can dig into her pussy, I can feel my stomach get butterflies, my pelvis starts to quiver, and I'm trying to hold myself together. It's the moment of the massage where a major line has been crossed from a friendly massage, to a hot erotic girl-on-girl massage.

If only Carmen could have looked and saw me squirming from getting horny. Carmen invites me over, and I get on the other side to assist Maddy. I tell Maddy this is what Carmen really wants. Then we both dig into Carmen's ass and pussy until she's dripping wet and dry humping the table.

Please, please, please include Carmen Caliente in more scenes as the client. And if possible, a bolster scene with two girls (one on each side of Carmen) fondling and massaging her beautiful bubble butt. The other two girls could be Abby Cross and Katya Rodriguez. They could take turns on the bolster so we can see all three of their asses get a good rubdown.
2018-05-28 05:04