Thank You Massage

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Video Description: Security Officer Madelyn Monroe saves the day as she takes down a robber trying to steal from Chloe Amour's spa. With the culprit knocked out, Chloe can only offer her sexy savior an All Girl Massage, on the house. Chloe massages Madelyn's naked body from top to bottom, but Madelyn expects a little more from Chloe, especially after saving her from the neighborhood burglar. Chloe carefully plays with Madelyn's pussy lips, rubbing them softly and making her pussy moist and warm. Madelyn shows Chloe how she can sexually please her by sharing the experience of lesbian intimacy. They begin fingering and tasting each other then move onto tribbing their throbbing pink pussies against one another passionately. The massage ends with Chloe and Madelyn peaking simultaneously in euphoric lesbian bliss forgetting about the assailant out on the floor!

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Two absolute stunners
2021-09-21 11:46
i laughed at this more than i should have
2016-09-09 19:22
Stills By Alan
glad you guys liked it!
2016-09-04 18:58
Liked it in a funny way, but nothing sexy at all in the entire scene
2017-11-14 11:52
I like this pairing and the storyline. Also I prefer the scenes that conclude in a single part so this one gets 3/3.
2016-08-04 06:58
Very hot but haul the "knocked out" guy away before massage.
2016-07-19 07:33