The Anniversary Gift

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Video Description: What a lovely wedding gift Samantha Rone's husband has given her today. A full release package at the All Girl Massage Spa with the highly skilled and talented Gracie Glam. Gracie is more than pleased to have Samantha today as her priority customer, promising her a very special massage with an exceptional happy ending! Gracie is instructed by Samantha's husband to take very special care of his wife, focusing on all of her needs, physically and sexually. Having Samantha on her bare stomach, laying completely naked on the table with only a towel covering the bare minimum, Gracie lathers her clients back with her soothing oil. She massages her deep tissue, but really focuses on what is in between her silky legs. Gracie has her eyes gazing at the housewife's velvety pussy lips, her mouth tempted by just a taste of her client's juices. Samantha is somewhat concerned that her massage therapist thought it mandatory to rub her pussy lips and ass crack, but as Gracie mentioned before, her husband requested Samantha experience the full release package, which includes a whole new experience to improve on their relationship. Samantha loves her husband so much, that she is willing to do anything he wants, including taking Gracie's slick fingers deep inside her lesbian pussy!

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Me encanto este video como la sedujo lentamente y como le vis el trasero con deseo
2022-10-31 14:20
Pity Gracie Glam has many erotic possibilities too tongue is boring.
2021-10-30 03:07
Sooo ... What's the implied nefarious deed?
2020-10-17 05:13
my god what a seduction by Gracie, so damn hot! And loved hearing how wet they were when they were tribbing, actually fucking each others pussy over & over! Mmmmuah!
2015-10-25 17:39
Nice scene, thank for the 69. What happen with the pictures? The set looks incomplete.
2015-10-06 21:34