The Bartender

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Video Description: Waitress Darcie Dolce is sick of her boss haranguing her. She quits her job on the spot and drops in at the all-girl spa for a massage. Masseuse Maddy O'Reilly gives her a last-minute appointment. The second she sees the bodacious brunette she wants to release all her tension.

Maddy escorts Darcie to the massage room. When Darcie gets undressed she is reticent to take off her pantie but Maddy makes her feel comfortable enough to receive her massage in the nude. Darcie lies down on her tummy and Maddy rubs her back and shoulders. Thanks to Maddy's pampering touch, Darcie begins to feel better about walking away from her job.

Darcie turns over and Maddy massages her heavy breasts. Darcie is so relaxed by the time Maddy reaches her legs and thighs, she doesn't realize that Maddy has leaned in close to her clit. She isn't lubing her with oil anymore. Now she's using her spit.

Darcie feels a strange wetness on her pussy and questions the masseuse about what kind of spa this is. Maddy looks her in the eye and demonstrates with her frisky lesbian tongue. Once Darcie blows off steam she reciprocates on Maddy's tasty pussy. They finish off their sexy massage with a languid session of tribbing!

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this was a hot scene, i watched the whole lead up + came when maddie started dirty talking darcy. maddie really made the scene imo and I love the acting.
2021-06-13 17:43
Very Good. Darcie is absolutely gorgeous—with her beautiful face and dynamic, trim body and perfect natural breasts and erect nipples and exceptionally cute, large, round aureolas. Maddy, just like Darcie, has an attractive wet pink pussy. Maddy thoroughly enjoys being with women. She pays a lot of attention to Darcie’s cute butt hole. Maddy also has natural breasts with cute erect nipples. These two ladies compliment each other. Darcie, while lying on her back, does a good job of licking and eating Maddy’s pussy while Maddy’s on all fours. Darcie gets her off. Every once in a while in a film I get the sense that Darcie is faking an orgasm. I sense it at the end of this video when Maddy and Darcie are tribbing each other. It was still a very good performance by both ladies.
2020-10-20 15:30
Oh no, where is oil?with that: the perfect scene
2019-10-01 13:44
Maddy is perfect. Pls more scenes with her.
2019-01-27 09:02
Holy hell, Darci's got a fine pair, but Maddy does that thing with her eyes, I can't take it, it's SO HOT!!!!
2018-03-06 01:18