The Breast Scrub

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Video Description: Masseuse Kennedy Kressler prepares an exfoliant rub for her client Penny Pax who complains of muscle pain since the strain of her move. Penny will do anything to feel better at this point, especially if it's recommended by a gorgeous professional like Kennedy. Penny gets undressed for her massage in front of Kennedy. She doesn't feel shy being exposed in front of a girl. Kennedy rubs the exfoliant onto Penny's full natural boobs. Penny loves the soothing massage, encouraging Kennedy to massage harder. Kennedy inspects her neck and shoulder for tension spots and muscle knots, then works to release them. She concentrates her attention on Penny's pectorals, expertly dissipating her client's tension. Penny is succumbing to the sensation of melting away. She encourages Kennedy to grab her breasts, but Kennedy thinks that would be unprofessional. Kennedy wipes away the scrub with a wet towel, and then applies oil to Penny's chest. As Kennedy continues to massage her with the oil, Penny starts to get excited by the tiny masseuse. The lesbian redhead instigates her masseuse to apply a bit more pressure, make a bit more contact with her skin. She wants her to feel the full weight of her naked body pressing onto her. In exchange, she promises to give her a really good review. Kennedy takes it slow and steady, sucking on her tits, licking all the way down to her pretty pussy, while Penny reciprocates the favor!

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Pretty girls,but he’s sorry to pay to see this super boring shit, free porno is better in internet.
2021-03-06 03:22
You guys need to work on your editing or tell your coworkers to PAY ATTENTION to where they are walking during a film shoot.
2016-12-01 05:32
great, except the idiot that strolled through the shot.....
2016-11-28 18:53
Lol wtf! yeh man, just feel free to amble around the place. Flawed an otherwise very enjoyable scene.
2016-11-28 16:11
dervel the lesbian lover
great scence but at 23 min....good god man you know where the camera is go around instead of walking through the shot
2016-11-28 11:57