The Campaign Trail

Video Description: When reporter Celeste Star accuses Senator Angela Sommers of misappropriating campaign funds, she denies having a predilection for massages, or using taxpayer money to fund frivolous expenses. Clearly these questions are disastrous during election time, and require damage control pronto. Under the advisement of her campaign manager, Angela manipulates the situation to get the reporter to write a different story, one that won't tank her at the polls. She dishes the dirt on her opponent's daughter's naughty Internet activity, with the compromising photos to prove it. When their meeting is strategically interrupted by the Senator's masseuse Trinity St Clair, Angela insists that Celeste takes her place on the massage table. Lured by the promise of more information, she timidly peels off her clothes, as the women look away, affording her a modicum of modesty. When Trinity begins to work her massage magic, Celeste proves easy to sway. She can always write up that juicy story later. For now she'll enjoy her massage with the Senator. When Angela starts making out with Trinity, Celeste is shocked to learn the Senator is a lesbian. Now torn between her desire to break the news, and eat her lesbian pussy, Celeste chooses pussy, and loses herself in the lust between Angela and Trinity. As the three lesbians tongue their clits, tribbing in all configurations, hot as fuck on the campaign trail, until each pussy cums hard to a bipartisan agreement!

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2019-07-14 11:57
Angela looks so much sexier as a brunette than as a blonde imo! Her body looked fantastic and would love to see more of her as a brunette on here. Trinity did a great job at eating both Celeste n Angela out too.
2016-11-04 19:13
Stills By Alan
interesting that this scene scored so high in spite of some of the comments. for those that liked it, what was your favorite aspect?
2016-11-02 02:17
I'll vote for you Angela... You're much better than anyone running...
2016-10-23 09:45
The seduction should have been better... Angela and Trinity look very sexy... Celeste, you're screen melting hot but PLEASE don't loose anymore weight!! Leave some soft fullness to you beautiful sweet curves.!! WOW Angela... Lots more of her PLEASE...
2016-10-18 07:01