The Cheerleader

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Video Description: When Dr. Kat Dior diagnoses cheerleader Kennedy Kressler with a groin injury, she recommends professional massage as treatment. Kennedy is relieved that she won't require surgery, but confused when Dr. Dior decides to perform the massage therapy herself. The doctor straps on a bottle of oil and climbs onto the massage table, feeling around her patient's thigh muscles. She helps the teen out of her little cheer outfit, exposing her tiny tits and polkadot panties. The doctor takes off her own top, exposing her full round breasts and flat tummy. She asks Kennedy if she has a boyfriend. Kennedy's been going out with a boy on the football team for the past six months. Dr. Kat tells her he doesn't sound great, she shouldn't limit herself at her age. She touches the teen's pussy from behind, probing her gently with her fingers. Kennedy rebukes the doctor's sexual advances. But the sexy doctor has a way with words, and with her tongue. Kennedy thinks it feels really good on her nipples, and on her clit, even if it does go against her morals. But if nobody finds out, then it's probably okay. She lets herself go, while devouring Kat's pussy, surrendering to the waves of pleasure that rip through her body as she cums.

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I love Kennedy and her tiny tits.

This was hot, and very funny. Lines like “Shhhh… you’re so much prettier when you don’t talk.” Now that’s funny.
2021-08-15 04:42
I couldn't disagree with the other comments more. This was fun, didn't take itself seriously, and hot. Look, it's porn, not high cinema. At least these girls treated it as such. And they improved well with each other, going in the same direction, on the same story line. Too often the girls contradict each other or don't realize where the other girl is leading her. These two worked well together and made it fun to watch. So often, too, the dialogue is vaguely "have you ever been with a girl before?" "uh, no." Then they i kiss and have sex. Where's the fun in that?
2017-07-26 20:50
I was eager to see this because I have seen kat before and she is pretty and looks like a young lady I work with and she HAD a very unusual set of breast in an exciting way. NOT SO MUCH AMYMORE! stay natural ladies, only do that when your in dire need of help and in which case you should just get another line of work. that sucks. bye kat, by alexis breeze!
2017-02-08 10:49
I disagree entirely with those who did not enjoy this. The idea was excellent and a little goofy, and Kat sold it perfectly with her mix of hyperverbosity and lust. Very few actresses can so effectively capture borderline crazy without looking totally unhinged. Kennedy has the perfect body for this role and she also did an admirable job selling her character with perfectly appropriate facial expressions, line delivery, and body language (when permitted by the writing).
2016-12-31 15:02
Please give us more Kennedy & Kat, with a better plot. They are both hot.
2016-12-09 01:29