The Foot Spa

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Video Description: Bree Daniels is stoked to get a foot massage by the best in the business Celeste Star. And she can see good reason for Celeste's renown, she is clearly very passionate about her work. A passion that catches Bree off guard when Celeste starts to slowly tongue each of her toes. Bree is slightly embarrassed by the adoration, but allows it because Celeste is the best. But it's obvious Celeste is obsessed. Celeste may be worshiping her cute feet, but her mind is running wild with naughty lesbian thoughts about fucking her client. After staring hungrily at Bree's pussy, Celeste convinces her to flip over to give her easier access the soles of her feet. But with Bree's pretty little ass poking out the bottom of her sundress, the lesbian can't help fondling her thighs and lifting up her skirt. She sees a shock of pink from her panties, and can't resist tracing an outline with her tongue, all the while reassuring Bree there's nothing exceptional about this foot massage. It's just a run of the mill foot massage, she says while trailing kisses from her belly button downward, and slowly undressing her top. Bree finally accepts that this is the regular treatment everyone gets. Almost as soon as the ravenous Celeste begins to feast on Bree's pussy, Bree cums hard in Celeste's mouth, and then returns the favor, licking her lesbian pussy until it pulsates and cums!

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DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
DAMN it has been way to long since I watched these two in this scene. I still believe Celeste Star had the most full body, to hell with the way she looks, cameras or anything else. Her full body glistening, her hair flying everywhere, legs flailing, incontrollable gasping for air followed by that totally absolving giggle. You know she's just had an orgasm and that it was great. And I think that these 2 also have a true love for rach other beyond acting. Bree and Celeste are also the two best sets of erotic eyes ever put on film. I swear to God they could just look there partner into an orgasm with those hypnotic, you need it looks ever. Sad to say that these 2 are probably the last in this generations true erotica. Few ever have or will have their total package. Looks, desires, flexibility, free spirit, bodies of a goddess and pure unbridled passion!
2022-06-17 08:32
You know it is REAL between each model when the both say F the camera angles and just go for it! At the end, Bree stuck her head between Celeste's legs and had only 1 goal!
2021-09-27 22:03
I loved their deep kissing. It seems more personal the than the average porn kissing. It seemed like Bree was the one who initiated it and Celeste had no problem kissing right along. It was really hot and I would love to see more.
2021-09-27 20:42
I love Bree Daniels so much
2021-06-27 04:13
Pretty girls, but pity only tongue shit is super boring.
2021-03-14 07:18