The Full Release Treatment

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Video Description: Britney has been through some rough stuff lately, so she came in for a full release treatment. Tanya is an expert at recognizing Britney's tension and pain. Britney finds Tanya's techniques a bit awkward, but they'll prove fruitful in the end, when Britney gets exactly what she came in for. When the Massage begins it doesn't take long before Britney is relaxed, and enjoying each and every touch Tanya places on her sensitive body. Tanya's soothing voice and soft hands put Britney in a deep relaxing trance. It's only when Tanya gets to Britney's beautiful pussy that Tanya lets her imagination run a bit wild. Just wait until you see what Tanya gets up to when her passions get in the way of business. She's lucky Britney came for the full release treatment!

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2020-09-24 15:09
2016-06-26 09:52
Great video but could you people PLEASE get rid of the first 6 second intro clip before all your videos?? I don't know what internet you expect people to have but all it does is delay things ALOT and take forever to load up. I don't know why you guys started adding those in regardless of membership or not but I already paid for membership, I shouldn't have to see a demo clip on every film I watch.
2015-03-01 01:59
Suggestion: Read the scene description 1st and also check out the scene description for "Everythings Bigger in England". That scene description give a better idea of Tanya's talented technique.
2014-09-18 04:30
Actually one of the better massage/seduction scenes thanks to the two women. I would give high marks to Tanya's technique from the very beginning as she massage Britney's mind and body. Look at the way she uses her hands and where she is using them. There are alot of very sensitive areas touched that add up. All of this is leading up to the first real sexual touching and Britney eats it up. Typically the early music was too loud and I aiways listen wearing a good pair of headphones (AKG K271) so I can hear everything they say and every ohh, ahh, more, moan, OMG and fuck etc. I liked the uncluttered look of the setting because that was not what I was watching the scene for. I am giving it an 8.5/10. Thanks for producing it and uploading it whoever.
2014-09-18 03:58