The IT Girl

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Video Description: Nerdy hotness Serena Blair meets Ashley Adams at her place of business where Ashley really needs help locating lost invoices for her boss. Serena offers to help her out in exchange for a pro bono massage being that she is a wizz at computers, it seems like a fair trade. Serena lays completely naked on the massage table, most nervously, as Ashley rubs her sweet, bare ass with her hands. Ashley knows that Serena isn't comfortable being the only girl naked, so she offers to remove her top too. Serena admits that she is into girls, but has never been with one. Ashley jumps on top of Serena and begins to rub her huge boobs over her mouth and claims she will take Serena's virginity. The newly introduced lesbian lovers kiss passionately, leading up to Serena's first mouthful of big boobs and her first pussy eating, making her cum in volumes. The girls engage in a sizzling tribbing session, with Serena reaching new lesbian heights of pleasure and Ashley taking full charge. Ashley shows Serena how to lick pussy making her cum exuberantly squirting all over Serena's face making this a day she will never forget!

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DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Still absolutely Stunningly gorgeous girls even today. Love the way Serena stays in character throughout the whole scene. The perfect response for her character when Ashley asks if she likes that and her response was 'I'm ok with that' was hilarious. The sex was great but I do have to mention that the massage was basically non existent. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Lol. O also like to commend Serena, as a person who wears glasses too, I find it impressive how she manages to keep them on throughout the process of making love. I always seem to lose mine about halfway or take them off before even starting.
2021-12-28 02:17
Hank Moody
Ashley's huge tits hanging over Serena's face was too hot
2021-08-18 10:37
I agree with Darkmader below... Serene Blair is definitely under rated... She does seem to truly enjoy other women and gets into her various roles with enthusiasm most of the time. Girlsway need to keep ladies like her making content on a platform like this that claim to be the place where good lesbian sex is highlighted.
2021-06-15 03:09
Serene Blair and Ashley Adams did a great job pulling off convincing scene which both seemed to actually enjoy... at least part of the time.
2021-06-15 02:57
Serena shows right here that she's the best actress bar none, over April, Celeste etc.. I don't care if there was an edit cut and she did some lines (some were totally on the fly improving) but she also I guess they call in the role. Meaning her body language, energy, and the fact that it's obvious that she is smart as hell. I wish she would go to college, if not already. Watch the video of her with the 20 questions and you'll see what i mean, and I think I saw some bracets that tells me she does meditation and or just very spiritual to boot. Not talking about any religion either but is advanced spirtually, no chance in hell she reads comments but she knows what I'm talking about.
2021-05-19 12:56