The Landlord

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Video Description: Nikki is the landlord of a massage parlor. One evening she arrived just as Asa was closing up and told her that the rent was very late. Asa asked if she could have an extra week to pay the rent and Nikki was having none of it. She wanted money now! Asa asked if she could trade out and give her a free massage in exchange or a little more time to get the rent money together. Nikki agreed, stripped and got on the table so Asa could work her magic. Asa knew she needed to do her best massage so after rubbing Nikki's hot body down she leaned in and kissed her pussy. Nikki was shocked, but a little turned on. Asa told her to just relax and enjoy herself as she crawled up on top of her and got into a 69. Asa licked and fingered Nikki's wet pussy while Nikki did the same to Asa. Nikki came so hard as Asa ate her out that she completely forgot about the past due rent. It looks like Asa's pussy licking skills bought her that extra week she needed

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user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
The ONLY thing bad about this scene is that it took way, way to long to see Asa get naked!
I absolutely love Nikki and her tall slim figure. That long Silky smooth hair, long lean legs and awesome real breasts. Asa is jus fabulous period. That hair, those erotic eyes, her Fantastic curvey ass and I really love her little school girl giggles. Great scene. One if the best "old school' videos on the site.
2020-08-11 23:02
That was hot
2015-06-20 21:02
Ariella Ferrera should be a New Landlord. There should be similar scenes to lower rent with different masseuses.
2014-09-13 12:47
I was hoping you would make a "series" of these 2 as was said in the scene. Asa wanted to give massages consistently to lower her rent. These 2 work well together and the scene was Awesome.
2014-09-02 00:15