The Maniac Masseuse (SQUIRTING)

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Video Description: Today we meet one of the more special characters on All Girl Massage. Dana DeArmond is at home. She's been having a rather exciting time over the last few months seducing random women and persuading them, because she just can't help but be horny whenever she's in the presence of a beautiful girl. Today she's actually taking the steps necessary to have a full time job that provides her a steady flow of pretty girls to fuck with her strong maniac fingers, and her hungry tongue. Watch as she can't control herself when Rilynn Rae shows up for a regular rub down. What neither Rilynn nor Dana expects is that they are a perfect match! Sure Dana expects to have sex with this stunning client, but when Rilynn relishes every poke, prod and pussy fingering, Dana is amazed that one of her unsuspecting clients actually likes her back! I can tell you that Rilynn's massive squirt straight from her poor tight pussy makes Dana go wilder than even she was expecting!

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Dana is such a legend in porn and when you watch her in any scene you see why. She's in the best of all time.
Rilynn just so attractive and skilled seeing her in any scene eating pussy is going to get likes.
And she cums hard and Dana is hunger for her
2021-11-26 14:15
DonH-Doc-updated 11-3
Till this day I'm still amazed at Riliyns ability to keep it together. There were parts that Dana was off the charts hystyonics and I was sure she was going to lose it. If there was an award for the best kept under control part she's win hands down. It's almost a shame at how funny Dana was because it covered up a fabulous squirting scene from Rilyn. Still a great rewatch after all these years. Miss Rilyn and those gorgeous long legs.
2021-10-07 21:59
Ms Bree Mills
Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments, both positive and not so positive. So far, we're at 24 likes and only 3 dislikes (wow!) I know that user_21439741 didn't enjoy it and left 3 comments with his feedback, along with another member who agreed, while the rest of you seemed to really enjoy it. For those less impressed, please know that this scene was released as part of our Halloween week and, as such, is a bit wilder and more goofy than a normal AGM. At the end of the day, we aim to please all our members :) xxBree
2014-11-06 12:35
I agree with the comments that the site is not what is was. The last scene was the first at all girl massage scenes I stopped watching.
I am not sure anymore if this is the site for me.
2014-11-05 15:15
I mean Dana Dearmond is not Audrey Hepburn and Stills By Alan obviously is not Billy Wilder, so you don't have the need to shoot comedies. This is porn. Make good porn and forget other pretensions.
2014-11-04 18:03