The Mayans Were Wrong

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Video Description: Laura Brookes was a bit worried about the Mayan calendar coming to an end because she realized all the things she has never experienced. Lucky for her, she gets to cross two items off the list by the time her first ever massage with Vanessa Veracruz is over. Laura is open to new experiences and allows Vanessa free reign over her body. She quickly spreads her legs wide offering you close up views of her tiny pink pussy. Vanessa clearly gets turned on by it as she gets teasingly close but not yet venturing to touch. She makes her first move by lightly kissing and tonguing Laura's sweet lips before disrobing before her. Laura is so cute Vanessa can't keep her hands off. They make out softly with plenty of sensual tonguing before Vanessa moves slowly down, teasing Laura's nipples before taking her clit fully into her mouth. Both women begin to moan and breathe deeply, enjoying all their bodies have to offer each other until they cum as they 69.

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1 comment

veracruz is one of my fav
2019-03-28 14:19