The New Formula: Part One

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Video Description: Scientist Bree Daniels and her assistant Stella Cox have just revolutionized a new massage oil but before it's released to the public, Bree will have to test their new formula on Stella. Bree instructs her assistant to remove her top and bottom even though Stella isn't exactly keen on being smeared with oil completely naked. But these ladies must do what it takes all in the name of science! Bree massages Stella's filled breasts and savory ass but must experiment her oil on the most sensitive of areas, Stella's shaved pussy. Stella spreads her legs feeling Bree's smooth hands glide over her clit and pussy unable to resist the stimulating impact of lesbian satisfaction. Bree devours Stella's pussy vigorously as her assistant moans in complete saphhic taboo then they sit beside one another rubbing their pussies and feeling the heightening satisfaction of their new concoction stimulate their insides. With such satisfying results Bree must take this to the media to share this revolutionized oil to the entire world!

To Be Continued

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Pure Pure Boring !!!
2021-03-14 07:10
I wish Bree would grow her hair out again. The dyke hair has been turning me off to her scenes. Now let's see how many down votes I get.
2020-02-07 12:31
Stella's tits were on spectacular display here! Love their shape, how they hang when she is on all fours, just a lovely figure on this Doll!
2016-12-07 23:31
Bree is absolutely amazing
2016-11-25 10:45
Stills By Alan
this one was a lot of fun to film! the girls had a blast in those costumes
2016-09-04 18:58
maybe dont use salt as a liquid next time XD (sodium chloride is salt)
2017-12-23 01:59