The New Girlfriend

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Starring Morgan Lee, Lyra Law
Video Description: After Morgan Lee walks in on her boyfriend in bed with Lyra Law, and then chases her out of the house with a baseball bat, the last thing she expects is for Lyra to turn up at the spa as her masseuse. As if her day could get any worse, the bubbly whore who ruined Morgan's life wants to make amends and soothe away her misery. With no other masseuse available, Morgan reluctantly lets her nemesis massage oil into her legs. Maybe she's not so bad. At least Lyra appreciates her bangin' body in a way that men don't seem capable of. But then Lyra begins to draw Morgan's suspicion when she focuses her massage a little too intently on her inner thighs and ass. And Morgan's not afraid to call her on her perverted prodding. But Lyra keeps pushing that envelope, rubbing Morgan's pussy, determined to give her client the sexual release she needs. As the lesbians continue to work out their issues, Lyra's gyrating tongue brings Morgan's pussy to orgasm, and Morgan reciprocates, suddenly hungry for the pussy her boyfriend couldn't resist. Bodies intertwined, faces contorted in pleasure, and pussies tribbing vigorously, the girls cry out in ecstasy, cumming so hard! But Morgan still kinda hates Lyra.

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The reactions seemed realistic at first Morgan wasn't into it and Lyra just kept telling her it was her imagination then when Morgan definitely knew it wasn't her imagination Lyra told her how she noticed how her body was responding and that Morgan liked it then Morgan let her continue and didn't seem to mind it and then got into it the story seemed very believable.
2022-09-24 07:53
Morgan is gorgeous! What an Asian princess! I love how she gives in to desire!
2021-07-14 10:05
Morgan is so gorgeous. But there is about 10 minutes of backside massage, and only about 30 seconds of massage on her beautiful boobs. WTF????
2019-05-17 16:10
I love the dark skin and the wasp, nut it seemed a little rushed.
2019-01-08 19:21
Morgan lee is so dark, sexy, hot and nasty.... Pussy eating, face sitting, tribbing and cumming is the grand slam of lesbian porn! Loved this scene
2016-10-06 05:40