The New Trainee

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Video Description: Mia Leilani is getting four hands for the price of one today. The head masseuse at the spa is training her new masseuse today. Mia is a returning customer, so she knows exactly what to expect. The new girl is learning quickly, and Mia is experiencing pure bliss with two hot masseuses palming her soft skin, and working it deep and long. Mia loves every minute. All is well until the head masseuse goes down on Mia to massage her tight pussy with her tongue. The new girl is taken back in confusion, but it doesn't take long for the conspirators to break her.

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We NEED MORE Ariella AGM!!
2016-09-06 08:02
Pretty good all round ! keep them hard ;)
2014-02-14 10:15
this video was my fantast and i love it
2013-12-14 07:41
Stills By Alan
thats great to hear! - SBA
2014-01-04 14:01
In the "General Massage Discussion" forum, I left a comment about the cinematography. Please take a look at it, I feel that the right camera close-ups and angles are the key to making a massage scene very erotic.
2013-12-10 20:37
Stills By Alan
Hello sir. I did read your comments on cinematography and will take them to hear in future productions. I will focus on giving you more great close ups of the masseuse's hands on the clients body (ass, boobs, hands, feet, shoulders etc) I'll also try and hold those shots for a longer duration so you will have more time to enjoy them b4 panning away to other details of the scene.

2013-12-12 12:11
Stevie and Ariella needed to spend more time massaging Mia's ass with their hands instead of applying their elbows. The girls seem too passive in their massage. I like to see sexual tension get built up during the massage.
2013-12-10 02:12