The Present

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Video Description: Chloe Lynn wakes up ready for the day and to her surprise notices a paper beside her. The note was a certificate for a massage at Sapphic Bliss left by her loving boyfriend. Chloe was so thrilled to wake up to such a wonderful surprise. Walking into the day spa, she is greeted by Dillion Harper, her massage therapist. As they settle on the massage table, both girls engage in a conversation about their love lives, realizing that Chloe and Dillion have more in common then they would've expected. It turns out that Dillion used to date a rock star named Matt, who coincidentally was Chloe's current boyfriend. His rock star life drove Dillion up the wall, where she decided she was done with guys and preferred the company of women. Dillion advocates the reasoning behind Chloe coming to the spa was just a ploy for them to engage in a threesome. Chloe was so livid that Matt would exploit her in that way, regardless if he was a rock star or not. They needed to take on some sweet revenge. Want to know how? Watch today and find out!

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DILLION HARPER - LEGEND !!!!! Natural tits like hers is what porn needs.
2020-06-13 01:23
Yes, both extremely beautiful women. But for this concept to work there has to be a little bit of believability in it-- there has to be a believable seduction -- that's what makes this site more interesting than other porn sites. Some of the other videos on here really do pull it off (no pun intended), but in this video the "acting" and writing is so bad that the fantasy was broken before anything really happened. I encourage the producers to really think about how this might happen in real life, and then proceed from there.
2015-08-05 13:10
Great points and I agree with you. The acting is what took me out of it, too. Too many awkward pauses and phrasing...but I can see the stilted dialogue being a turn-on in a way, too, very stereotypical "porny," so I don't want to criticize it too much. I just admire models who make it more believable by natural conversation as well as hot sex.
2015-08-05 20:04
As much as I love scenes with Dillion Harper, this scene seemed very rushed and awkward on many occasions throughout the clip. From the lighting fast towel removal on Chloe to the awkward positioning changes of both Dillion and Chloe, many things made this scene seem sloppy overall. Other factors that were negative were the odd camera transitions/edits, all the way to a lack of a seductive script between the two. This video goes down as a negative vote for me; I hope to see better quality scenes in the future.
2015-08-05 06:43
the actual intimate part was good, what's missing was the link, the scene looks like its been divided, with the first part being very awkward. The script seems to not have been prepared pretty well, a lot of repetition . There was no seduction whatsoever, Chloe was never aroused by the actual massage. If the idea was to get him jealous at least a cam would have made more sense.
Dillion as a masseuse is a change, but i don't think she quite owned it. negative vote. :(
2015-08-04 14:12
Old Banger
Not sure if the repetition was due to editing of the footage, editing of the footage, from different cameras or multiple takes from same camera, same camera, either way it was badly stitched together sometimes to extent like there was an echo in the room? in the room an echo?

The foot massage was a bit odd too. Left foot got a thorough treatment for about 2 mins, right foot was a lightning tweak on a toe lol.
It really was a game of two halves to use a sport expression. From first kiss forward things improved no end so I guess we got a happier ending.
Not a complete disaster but somebody must have played it back. Probably went something like 'hmm it's a bit dodgy' and got the reply 'well you can fix it cause I'm going to the pub!' 'Wow is it that time already?' Then in unison... 'Yeh, fuck it!!
2015-08-04 17:51
I will watch another day, but the first five minutes and the towel is already off...where's the seduction? where should she put her clothes? So, the downvoters are probably tired of repeating seduction...good ass massage...good seduction while on stomach...we need ass licking a family role play. mother/daughter. Feet has been good. hands very nice. back to seduction and the ass. On front lightly touch the breasts on the clients face, let a boob fall out by mistake. let the client slowly get turned on and horny. etc etc so many times you came very close...
2015-08-03 20:42