The Sisterly Touch

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Video Description: Zoey Taylor is nervous about reuniting with her lesbian sister in law Kagney Linn Karter because at Zoey's wedding, Kagney was adamant about her sexual attraction towards her. When Zoey and her husband arrive at Kagney's home, the lesbian sister begins flirting with her insistently. Kagney comes up with a great idea to massage her sister's tense body. Zoey isn't sure about it but her husband doesn't seem to mind. Zoey strips down naked on the table while Kagney massages her supple butt. When Kagney asks her to flip over, Zoey becomes tense, from her sister in law rubbing oil all over her nubile boobs and her sweet lesbian virgin pussy. As soon as Zoey's husband leaves the house, Kagney takes this opportunity to seduce Zoey into a sex-capade of lesbian fornication. Kagney spreads Zoey's pussy lips and suckles on her sweet clitoris making her moan with deep pleasure. Zoey's shy about her hidden lesbian desires but goes full speed on devouring Kagney's shaved, sweet pussy and vigorous tribbing action, the moment her hubby takes a hike!

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Hot but if someone acted as weird around me as that I would feel uncomfortable as well,
2023-01-01 22:02
Just watched three times in as many days. First time of viewing - I was not sure, except the guy was tedious. Second viewing - It took too long to get going (mainly because of the boring guy). Third viewing - I realised why I had watched it three times: Whether in her white dress, looking like a goddess or laying on the massage table (with or without her lace panties) Zoey's body is a thing of beauty. So, this is a keeper for me - I can turn the sound down early on and just admire her beautifully sculpted body, face and all things Zoey. Sorry not to mention Kagney who is also great - but it is Zoey's body on that table...
2023-01-01 05:03
Joe nova
very hot
2022-11-14 19:54
get rid of the guy....otherwise, very good.
2022-08-30 08:19
All Girl Massage at its best.
2021-10-21 01:09