The Table Shower

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Video Description: Zoe Parker and Nickey Huntsman have never met, but the moment Zoe lays eyes on her newest client, she knows this is going to be a day to remember. As she explains the 'Table Massage' to her client, Nickey begins to think about the beautiful relaxing massage that Zoe's describing. She takes the available opening, and Zoe gets the massage ready. In the open air of the Table Shower room they begin to talk and get comfortable with one another, chatting about their lives. Zoe continues washing Nickey's body, commenting that she once had a lesbian client. Zoe persists, at commenting on Nickey's knots and Nickey already feels the sexual tension rising, even showing her discomfort with her masseuse but soon Zoe takes a chance and begins massaging Nickey's butt. Nickey shows more reluctance but soon she gives in to Zoe's seductive charm, and lets Zoe massage her pussy. Zoe gets undressed so that Nickey doesn't feel so uncomfortable, and before long Zoe is suckling at Nickey's pretty pink pussy, and moaning from the lesbian sex, like she's never had it before. Zoe knows what she's doing and it doesn't take long before Zoe has Nickey cumming and screaming at the top of her lungs before tribbing with her, and writhing against the lesbian virgin's tongue and mouth to make sure Nickey's tension is entirely gone, leaving her in a heap of afterglow.

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2 great bushes but Nickey, that my kind of bush, full and running all the way to the butt.....thank you for a throw back to my growing up years.
2019-12-01 15:04
Why are all the bush pussy scenes taken from long distance or from the front where all you see if a tongue. What is the problem with a pussy sneaking through a bush. Come on, if you have the bush in the scene why hide the pussy?
2018-02-19 20:25
Nickey is something special, outstanding acting skills and oh so sexy.
2017-12-03 04:12
I will second what Old_Banger said; I really enjoyed this scene - Nickey & Zoe were excellent & I loved the slow flirty build-up, the characters and the relationship that was built through the scene between them - but the multiple (two, I think) instances of repeating dialogue put a dampener on the scene as a whole & made it seem unprofessional from a filmmaking point-of-view, which is a real shame as that's usually a strength of FM/GW/PD scenes. One of them involved Zoe saying "Can you smell the chocolate" & Nickey replying "yes"... followed by Zoe saying "can you smell the chocolate" and Nickey saying that no, she couldn't. It then happens again when the scene shifts post-table-shower to the main massage. Sort the continuity out and you have a very good scene & two ladies who I'd love to see grace the site again!
2016-08-12 08:43
Stills By Alan
i'm really sorry that editing error wasn't caught in QC. i can see how that could break the fantasy for you. we will do better next time!
2016-09-04 19:00
You guys almost always do a great job with the scenes- i know the cost of production limits but you might have someone in the co. not directly involved in their creation watch the scenes before you post them so you can possibly edit out script or other issues that are hard to catch for those so close to the project.
2018-12-01 15:44
I was quite happily listening to the girls chatter on as Zoe pampered Nicky's sensational body. Then the dialog repeated.
Not sure if this constitutes dodgy editing or this gaffe was down to whoever is responsible for continuity but it put a blemish on what was otherwise a very good scene. The girls were excellent and I hope to see them on AGM again sometime.
2016-08-04 07:58