The Yoni Trainer

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Video Description: Newly married client Cadey Mercury is shy and conservative. She doesn't want to get fully undressed for her massage. Masseuse Carter Cruise gets her on the table and begins to rub her back. The masseuse is slightly older and more experienced. She makes her client feel so relaxed that she reveals her inner turmoil. Cadey confides that her sex life isn't what she imagines it could be. She is worried that her husband is getting bored with her because they only have sex once a month.

Throughout the sensual pampering massage with lots of oil rubbed into her skin, they speculate on what could be the matter. When it's nothing obvious, the masseuse recommends a surefire trick that will bring back his desire. She breaks out her set of vaginal yoni eggs for building the muscles of the pelvic floor. She offers to show her how she uses them, then helps the client try on the various sizes, till she finds the one that fits her best. They come in a set of 3 eggs.

She guarantees a noticeable difference in one week if she trains her Kegels for ten minutes a day. She shows her how she should pivot her hips forward and back in time with her breathing, while clenching the egg for as long as she can. While she watches her, she explains, 'You're revving up your sexual energy while you do this.' Cadey loves her treatment so much she cums in Carter's mouth!

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What lovely, passionate and sexy action! Carter is lovely, of course, and here she pampers and seduces her young client. Cadey is new to me and she responds to Carter's treatment. Cadey is so beautiful - in that lovely salmon dress, the sight of her dark pubes under her panties (from 1'20"), her perfect tits, and when shows us her beautiful pussy for the first time at 12'50" I melted at that first sight. So begins some lovely action with the eggs and then with tongues. This is such a lovely film. It is such a shame Cadey did so few lesbian films - she seems a natural. I could rhapsodise so much about this, about Carter and about Cadey - perfect!
2022-05-18 12:38
Cadey Mercury is an awesome performer and actress. She retired from mainstream porn in 2018 but maintains an active Twitter and OnlyFans. I don't know why she stopped filming mainstream porn but I dearly miss her. I really believe she could have risen to the upper echelons of pornstars. In any case, the scenes we have of her are marvelous and I sincerely hope she is happy and fulfilled in her life.
2021-10-11 05:50
Utter and complete perfection!
2021-03-29 03:45
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
This is one I haven't watched in a while. I was going through some of Carter's videos and stumpled over this one again and man am I glad I did. I forgot how passionate, loving and great it was. I miss this kind of controlling, leading, teaching character that made Carter famous I think. I wonder what became of Cadey? She was so petite, gorgeous face and the sweetest little girl voice and giggles. I researched her and could only find one other g/g scene so I can only think that she never shot for Girlsway again after that one("Helping my Roommate" in March of 2018). I did find a couple B/G scenes but they all predated this one. To bad, she was spectacular in this one with Carter.
2020-05-24 02:05
This is a very sweet one, that I will keep among my downloads
2019-12-20 06:53