There's No Need To Choose

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Video Description: Raven Rockette's regular client Marie McCray is just a bit late. Raven has to tell Belle that she'll need to wait until after Marie's massage until she can get her massage. Belle doesn't mind the wait but when Marie sees just how gorgeous Belle is, she has to think quick in order to find a way to seduce the beauty. Her solution is to allow Belle to have her massage first. But that's just the beginning. In order to get in the massage room to see Belle's beautiful body, she plots a scheme to pretend she wants to work at the parlor. Marie nearly gets a rejection, but she insists and starts to massage Belle's back, while Raven massages her legs. Marie's so cute that Belle can't refuse her innocent plea to massage her round ass. Raven joins in on the compliments, and before long all three are friends. Marie and Raven start to share Belle's ass, giggling every second. Raven's day is made when Belle flips over revealing her perky tits, and without much further seduction, Belle is putty in their horny hands. Watch the masseuses strip and join their naked goddess in a heap of lesbian loving where each one gets a taste of the full bodied flavor of the last. What a hot threesome!

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Hank Moody
Raven is perfect. Wish she hadn't disappeared.
2021-10-18 09:59
Outstanding This Lesbian scene had only one problem—the background music, throughout the scene, was too loud and distracting; but Raven, Marie, and Belle were fantastic together eating each other and arousing each other. This scene offered three attractive women with beautiful natural breasts and cute erect nipples and pink pussies and attractive butts and thighs. Belle and Raven were exceptionally good at devouring the other pussies and bringing them to very recognizable orgasms. The girl didn’t show any partiality to any one girl or pussy. I don’t usually like threesome or more, but this three was well done for the reasons I stated above. Raven, Marie, and Belle, thanks for the enthusiasm I watched and the fun you had. The story-line was cute and believable.
2021-08-20 14:27
Totally agree with boo boo-noise (music ?) totally ruined an otherwise good scene-mute sound and hope to read lips-no joy would like to see updated version without the noise
2020-07-03 21:49
Raven Rockette, one of my faves. Just tighten up your bush game
2020-06-13 00:12
Marie, you're just a nice comedian Girl! It's so much fun to see you.I hope to see you more often. You're so nice and understanding with the shy student in the other Scene!
2014-08-10 08:29