Three Girls and a Bolster

Video Description: When Chloe Cherry and Whitney Wright find a box that has been delivered to the house, they bring it to Angela White. She's pretty sure she knows what it is. When she opens it, she finds the bolster she ordered online and she's ecstatic. The girls have no idea what she's talking about but she volunteers to show them. She asks Chloe to climb on top and lay down on it. She demonstrates to the girls that it just makes it easier to work on someone.

When she pulls in Whitney to take a closer look, Angela motions for them to take off her clothes. Stripping her naked, they lather her up with massage oil. Both girls focus on her ass and remark how incredible it looks all oiled up. Propped up with the bolster, her ass is on display for all to see. The girls are gonna take full advantage!

They turn her over and oil her front, focusing on those tough to reach parts. Angela remarks that this could be great for body slides. Then she and Whitney start taking off their clothes. They double team Chloe as they tongue her ass and pussy. It's Whitney's turn as they prop up her pussy and devour her, licking every inch of her body. By the time they're done with her, the bolster is on the floor and all 3 girls are fucking each other in a number of ways. It looks like the girls have found a new toy to play with!

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What a hot, hot scene. Angela White's tits are the 8th wonder of the world
2022-11-09 15:30
2022-10-26 16:40
Three of the best in outright sexy action - shocker! What a great scene. There is not too much to the set up, but with Angela, Chloe and Whitney that didn't matter as they threw themselves into, well, one another. Whitney deserves very special mention due to her tongue work on Chloe's stunning ass - really wonderful and brilliantly filmed. I loved how all three got hotter and redder as the scene moved on - a sure sign of the effort to keep each other pleasured. Fabulous!
2022-07-16 18:32
Angela is so good at eating pussy. And sexy as hell
2021-11-25 22:28
This is a very good scene with three appealing and capable performers. It has a very slim scenario and there really is no hook to the sex. However, it’s hard to resist a three female scene and the action does carry the day.
2019-07-18 17:06