Too Much Tanning Oil

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Video Description: Chloe Foster and Sarah Luv take a lot of pride in their gorgeous sun kissed bodies and every chance to get out in the sun is top priority for them both. Chloe is shy, there's no two ways about it... She is self conscious when it comes to nudity and when Sarah whips out her boobs and oils them up, Chloe is embarrassed. But today all that changes.

Sarah heckles Chloe into laying down so she can rub some of the stress out of the crazy woman. Chloe, still tense, allows Sarah to peel her clothes off. Once Sarah gets a glimpse of Chloe's perfect behind she can't resist pouring more oil over the juicy rear. Chloe gradually gives way, relaxing more with every minute. Sarah makes sure to put the oil everywhere, including Chloe's soft pussy. Chloe is caught off guard, but easily gives Sarah permission to keep up the rubbing. As Chloe flips onto her back she exposes her pretty breasts to Sarah who doesn't hesitate to rub the oil over them too. Sarah is getting hornier as she guides Chloe's hand to her breasts. Finally, Chloe releases all her tensions and inhibitions with Sarah and they begin to kiss. Sarah throws herself between Chloe's legs and continues the massage with her tongue on Chloe's sweet shaved pussy. Chloe reciprocates, giving Sarah a pussy massage with her succulent warm mouth. They finish on a high note in sixty-nine, reaching orgasm together screaming into the fresh sunny afternoon. They wash off in the pool in a sensual embrace.

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too many closeups of faces when the action is happening, and chloe phoned in that orgasm. agm. great editing, as per usual.
2022-02-10 23:58
This is definitely one of my favorite scenes on AdultTime now! Wow! I love coming back to it and rewatching. Amazing on the Roku app on the big screen. The interaction and acting looks and feels so natural. Very well done and well executed! So hot! Love it!
2021-10-12 17:25
There is a problem with this video. It made me cum long before I was supposed to. I tried watching it a second time a few days later, and again… I came too early, even before any pussy licking started. How am I supposed to get through the whole thing when it makes me cum too fast every time?
2021-07-28 06:39
This is my all time favorite. Would like a regular update on the same idea as this. Do the same scene different actresses. Love the shy girl and the seduction of her. So hot. How about you bring the girls back to do another scene. Are they still active?
2018-02-23 16:24
Hi everyone! i hope you like the scene! another two of my favorite models in Sarah (The brunette) & Chloe (the blond) and we will definitely see chloe getting massaged soon! To those who like the new style I'm bringing to the site: thank you, and to those who i haven't won over yet: i'll keep working harder on these scenes until everyone agrees that they are fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to bring these sexy massages to life on your behalf and i hope you enjoy seeing them through my lens :-) - SBA
2013-11-16 17:06