Twice The Pleasure

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Video Description: Gabriela Lopez and Brooke Haze, a cute couple, are waking outside enjoying the afternoon sun. Charlotte Stokely is a little ways away, handing out massage flyers for her massage practice, which she's just opened. She sees the girlfriends walking hand in hand and realizes that she's never seen a couple that beautiful before. She blurts out 'oh my god, they're so hot' almost uncontrollably. Charlotte thinks aloud to herself about what she could do to get their attention - 'C'mon Charlotte, grow a spine and just talk to them!'

As the girlfriends approach her, she panics, then takes a deep breath and works up the courage to talk to them. She introduces herself to the girls and tells them that's she can't believe how beautiful they both are, and is immediately embarrassed at being so forward. Brooke and Gabriela look at each other and smile. They're flattered and thank Charlotte enthusiastically. When she asks them what they are up to today, the girls respond that they've decided to just walk around and enjoy the nice weather. Charlotte replies that it is indeed a beautiful day and that perhaps they would be interested in a free massage, after all, they've been on their feet all day and must be tired from all the walking. The girlfriends look at each other surprised to be receiving such an unexpected treat. They don't hesitate for a moment as they gladly take her up on her offer. They thank her as she motions them inside to come inside.

The girls walk in and admire the décor, complimenting her setup. She escorts them to the massage area and invites them in. 'Here we are,' she says. The girls look around and say that everything looks really professional. They make some small talk about how many years Charlotte has been in business as she asks who them wants to go first. The girls laugh and get into a stance that seems like they've rehearsed a thousand times as they start playing rock paper scissors. Brooke wins and celebrates by lifting her arms in a victory pose while stating out loud 'I won!' Gabriela jokingly mocks her as she adds 'Yes, we get it... you won' They all laugh as Charlotte asks Brooke to undress. She does so easily while Gabriela sits, fully clothed, in a nearby chair.

As Charlotte rubs Brooke's naked body, Gabriela looks on in interest. Charlotte begins moving her hands to the more sensitive areas, drawing moans from Brooke. As Charlotte palms and fingers Brooke's tight pussy, Gabriela grows all the more aroused. She exchanges appreciative and mischievous looks with Charlotte.

When Charlotte is done pleasing Brooke, Gabriela eagerly undresses and hops onto the table for her massage while Brooke watches on from the chair. She rubs and fingers her own pussy while watching Gabriela get her sensual massage, though soon joins in.

All oiled up and ready to go, they have a fiery threesome. Although Charlotte's been busy pleasing them, the girlfriends work together to bring Charlotte to orgasmic bliss as well. The girlfriends enjoy every bit of their treat, fingerbanging, tribbing, and eating pussy until they're ALL satisfied.

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They didn’t orgasm at the end, kind of dissatisfying, but overall the video was great.
2022-09-30 22:39
Very good very erotic
2022-07-14 06:49
Wow. I seem to be the only woman who thought the build up was really slow. Really slow. When it did start to ick up & it broke loose, it was really quite fabulous. Charlotte is a goddess. She woman is drop dead gorgeous & acts her scene so naturally & convincingly. I really like Brook Haze, but my main complaint is that there weren't enough detailed closeups of pussy action. Brook has an amazingly beautiful pussy that should alwaysb e highlighted, especially when she's engorged & swollen into a delectable feast of a puss. That's really my only complaint, not enough detail of the actual pussy action but hey, I'm a lesbian so I have an active imagination. I do get tired of the fake tribbing included solely for the "male gaze". Yes, lesbians do grind & we sometimes do pussy grinding but it's no way like what you see in this or most porn. If you look at the sex surveys on Autostraddle, the LGBT website, the amount of lesbians that include tribbing or scissoring is way down in the 10% scale. Most lesbians, when you say "scissoring" will break out laughing hysterically. Thinking all lesbians trib is like thinking all dudes masturbate with hamburger meat. All-in-all this was lots of fun. Not a 10/10 but a solid 8 for sure.
2020-04-16 11:32
Great post! Totally agree, Charlotte is ABSOLUTELY drop dead GORGEOUS!!! Especially in this scene with her hair like that. My only small gripe with the scene was I was hoping and preying that Gabriela(who was so sexy and hot in this scene, especially in that outfit. THAT SMILE!!!!) would start secretly,slowly caressing her thighs and pussy while sitting down, but that's ok. Man she was so damn sexy sitting there!!
2021-02-28 09:45
Great start, with the scene outside. I loved all of Charlotte's looks to Gabriela while she rubbed and then finger-fucked Brooke. It really took off with the massage for Gabriela. It was wonderful to see Brooke rub her swollen pussy while Charlotte got to work. Gabriela's nipples were so swollen too. Charlotte's close examination of Gabriela's open pussy was wonderful,while Brooke sucked on G's tits (so glad this continued for several minutes - so sexy!). All this and we were only 19' in - normally with the AGM films this is when the sex is only starting to begin. I am so glad they returned the favour and everyone came.
2020-02-26 12:24
One of the best
2019-11-19 16:36