Up The Skirt

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Video Description: Alix Lynx seeks treatment for pain in her hip. But it's her first time getting a massage and she doesn't want to remove her clothes. Therapist Sasha Heart explains the clothing will interfere with her rehab, but she agrees to start the massage while her client is dressed and she'll see if she can gently get her out of them. Sasha peels off Alix' knee socks, and gives her a warming body rub, just to get her to relax. But when Alix objects to her shirt being pulling up, Sasha explains she needs access to her skin for the treatment. Poor Alix is holding in a lot of stress, from the pressures of the sport and the upcoming tournament. Sasha asks her to let her work out the tension, focusing on her hip and buttocks, remarking on her pretty red panties. Alix begins to give way to the soothing caress of Sasha's skilled hands, letting go of her tension. Sasha turns Alix onto her back and massages her huge breasts, complimenting her amazing body. When Sasha tells Alix she bets everyone wants to fuck her, Alix finds that very unprofessional. Sasha doesn't talk like that to all her clients. Alix is special. Sasha loves that she plays hard to get. She finds it irresistible. Alix must be toying with her, showing up for her massage in that outfit. She rubs her pussy over her pink panties, asking Alix if she can put her face between her legs and make her cum. She gets naked and licks the teen's shaved pussy. Then she tongues her asshole, making Alix yelp and coo with pleasure till she juicily explodes. Alix promises to give Sasha what she wants. She straddles her therapist, and they suck each other's clits while 69ing till they cum.

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Sasha totally dominated Alix the thought of she wasn't going anywhere and she was going to like it whether she wanted to or not really turned me on and the facial expressions of pleasure when analingus was being performed on her showing that she was enjoying it although she has never had it done to her before were perfect, great scene.
2022-10-07 10:36
sorry heavy and boring
2021-02-11 09:14
One note on the story: The fact that she is injured and in pain is not sexy though. I think the story would be a notch cleaner if she just had come in to get rid of tension or something.

Still, gorgeous dom character, played wonderfully by Sasha Heart.
2020-06-22 18:58
Up The Skirt" was one of the best domination videos I have ever seen. Like Sasha and Alix say: effin hot!!
And both did an amazing job with the acting, seriously.

And I would like a hundred more videos with the Sasha character. Her totally relaxed style of domination rocks the ages. It actually has inspired me in my writing of domination fiction.
2020-06-22 01:58
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
God it was sooo damn great to be able to relive this one! This was Sasha at her finest! Hot, seductive, domineering, gorgeous and erotic as hell. This was a great testament as what a great actress and seductress in her own right that Alix would become. I rewatched this because of the release of her new video today with Alex.
The only thing I remember now after seeing it again is that it was way to short. This scene with Sasha could have easily been a 50+ minute massage film. Thank you ladies for the memories ❤️
2020-06-07 04:45