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Video Description: Natasha Voya and Remi LaCroix are having one awesome weekend together enjoying all the countryside has to offer, when all of a sudden Natasha starts to feel an intense pain riding up and down her neck. When she finds Remi sitting outside, she shyly asks her if she could help get rid of the intense pain she's feeling. To Natasha's surprise Remi is not only willing but eager to help! Not one for conventional techniques, Remi uses every inch of her body, and her clients ALWAYS leave happy. And Natasha is no different. Pretty soon, she has Natasha moving her neck in all sorts of ways, and as a thank you, Natasha decides to try out some of her own techniques... on Remi. The countryside really does wonders, especially for these two!

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These girls were gorgeous and very good chemistry. Would like to have seen more closeups. Girls were doing everything to make this scene unforgettable.. Shots from across the room while Natasha is sitting on Remy"s face was puzzling..jmo
2018-11-16 08:51
The new caddy pin the fine walks a
2016-06-13 07:18
I liked the story, the girls and the scene in general. Very good!
2015-03-11 20:47
The girls were gorgeous and the chemistry seemed good but there was almost no kissing. This scene could have been much better with a lot more making out, fingering and tribbing with only about 4 or 5 updates a month for All Girls you'd think you would make the scenes better. I don't think I'll subscribe again after this month I just don't think its worth it for 4 mediocre lesbian scenes a month. Maybe if you create more passion in your scenes I'll come back.
2015-03-01 02:23
Bree Mills
Thanks for the feedback, both pro and con. You have to agree, though, Natasha and Remy look amazing together!
2015-02-28 16:56
Theres a whole lot more to a lesbian scene then 2 actresses looking 'good' together theres passion, chemistry, a good setup. I've been watching lesbian porn since I first started masturbating and you guys have a lot to learn about creating a good or even descent lesbian scene because most of the scenes I've scene have poor set up, very little passion or creativeness. Take a look at Girlfriends films, or We live together they know what there doing.
2015-03-01 02:35