Well Oiled Friends: Part One

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Starring Luna Star, Yhivi
Video Description: Luna Star and Yhivi are great friends, and they go running every morning. But today Yhivi comes down with a weird pain in her lower back. Luna has been formulating a brand new massage oil that she's always wanted to try out on her good friend Yhivi. Luna gets to work, after instructing Yhivi to get undressed, and get comfortable on the massage table. She rubs the warm oil in her hands, knowing that the oil will seduce her friend into sharing her sweet wet pussy with her. Luna's sultry voice helps to put Yhivi into a sexy lesbian trance. Yhivi finds Luna's techniques rather invasive, but as Luna massages her tense lower body by vibrating her ass muscles Yhivi begins to understand where this massage is going. After some initial reluctance, Yhivi begins to sink into Luna's seduction, taking full pleasure from Luna's horny lesbian tongue prodding and massaging her throbbing pink clit. Yhivi moans for Luna, and is near cumming when Luna sits on her face to show Yhivi that Lesbian sex is her specialty. in 69 both have incredible orgasms that prove that this lesbian massage oil does exactly what Luna needs.
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2021-06-02 23:50
Luna is suck a great performer love the way she talks through each thing she does, this sence wasn't the best the other ones were a lot better
2020-11-05 05:29
I LOVE Luna Star!! This video is ... eh.. okay, I just wish the room acoustics were better. Too "echoey" in there. I love the sound of Luna's voice, but some of it's lost bouncing off the walls :-)
2017-04-25 09:02
Nothing special. Not enough close ups. Cameraman forgot why we are here.
2017-03-22 10:27
Luna Star is amazing. Very professional and we need a lot more of her on this site.
2016-07-14 21:12