What About My Panties?

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Video Description: Dillon was skeptical about this massage business, and it wigged her out to think of having a massage without her clothes. Aaliyah is adamant in ensuring she's a professional. By the way Aaliyah catches peeks under Dillon's towel it's apparent that she is eager to show Dillon a good first time, but will she get Dillon to open up? Aaliyah's extensive knowledge of acupressure points allows her to convince Dillon to let her close... cum see how far she gets!

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This scene could have been perfect if the masseuse took her shoes off. Who wears shoes like that to give massages anyways? It definitely took me out of the video.
2021-07-30 05:59
Loved the nice long boob massage in this one.
2019-05-18 14:54
I think the camera angle where poorly done and that towel on her tummy was a huge distraction
2014-08-17 04:22
This site suck can not watch a videos so fuck you and give me my money back
2014-01-14 21:43
Lucy J.
Hello, I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, however if you like you can contact support by clicking on "support" at the top bar of the site page so they know you're having issues viewing our content. Thanks for letting us know about your technical issues. I'm confident that support will be able to answer any questions you have. Have a great day! ~Lucy
2014-01-17 12:36
Your site is great. Only five things are very disgusting:

1. women wearing high heels in the parlor
2. women wearing shoes while having sex (the worst!)
3. soundtrack
4. toys
5. fake tits

It is so easy to avoid these faults.
2013-12-14 06:20