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Video Description: Kaylee's friends had referred her to this massage parlor so she made an appointment. When she arrived she told her masseuse Kortney that it was her first massage. Kortney told her that it feels really good and that she shouldn't have waited so long to get this done. Kortney got started and quickly moved her hands to massage Kaylee's tits. She told Kaylee this was all part of the process so she could just relax and enjoy it. She then moved down and rubbed her inner thighs. When she saw that Kaylee was into it she put her tongue right on Kaylee's pussy. Kaylee squirmed with pleasure as she got her pussy ate out. Kortney worked that pussy from all angles. She puts Kaylee on all fours and licked her from behind which caused Kaylee to cum so hard she nearly lost her mind. Kayle wasn't sure that she got a real massage, or exactly what just happened. But she knew she liked it.

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Kortney is soo hot.. She needs another Lady!!
2015-12-26 09:37
When Kaylee entered the parlor, the welcoming was so short, businesslike. Kortney did simply her job, not really taking care of her client. I wouldn't return there. Yet, I enjoyed the scene.
2014-07-25 10:14
Why was this scene rated so highly? Kaylee did not seem at all into it. Maybe they just didn't like each other. Nice looking girls though.
2014-05-13 18:44