Whatever Tickles Her Fancy

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Video Description: Two friends, Maddy May and Coco Lovelock, are hanging out together, catching up and gossiping about their love lives. But as they chat, Coco admits that she hasn't been all that fulfilled with sex lately, thought seems reluctant to share exactly why. After some coaxing by Maddy, Coco admits that she wants to be tickled but that her partners won't do it!

Maddy is confused at first but Coco goes on to explain how sensual and erotic tickling can be. Although Maddy tries to understand the appeal, it doesn't quite click with her but that's okay! All she knows for sure is that it's NOT fun being sexually frustrated... and she's more than happy to try and give Coco the sensual experience she's been craving.

It starts with a massage as Maddy lets her fingers do all the tickling. But as Coco gradually becomes aroused, Maddy is even more intrigued and soon breaks out other items to help give even more tantalizing sensations during the massage. As she traces hairbrushes and scarves along Coco's flushed skin, watching her squirm with pleasure, Maddy finally starts to get it... and now she wants more!

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Maddy May is beautiful (of course) and playful. She has a great tiktok channel. Apparently she's doing more extreme stuff these days, I hope she will continue to do G/G scenes. The Jessica Ryan Massage A La Carte on AGM is lovely.
2022-09-29 06:23
More Coco please!
2022-03-20 19:05
That was great fun. Loved seeing Coco being tickled. The licking was good, but the angles were all wrong for too many parts, including the tribbing. I liked seeing a woman walk past the windows from 7'44" (from left to right) this intrigues me as to the location of the house...
2022-02-13 18:58
She keeps making the Pog face and I cant help but laugh at it 10/10
2022-02-08 01:06
coco loveleck beautiful girl, ruined by idiot and stupid cameramen.
During 69 she is never taken from behind, only at the end when the other has finished licking her.
Change jobs instead of cameramen ... incapable !!!!
2022-02-03 10:03