What's My Specialty?

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Video Description: Penny Pax is deep in her books today. A nice relaxing Sunday afternoon to study for her massage classes is just what she needed. As a Student it's important to find that one special trick to make yourself stand out from the rest of the 'ho hum' masseuses in the crowd. Vanessa is on a list that allows her to choose from student masseuses in order to get as many massages as possible. Penny invites Vanessa to come over in order to try out a couple of new techniques she's thinking about. When their massage starts, Penny realizes that the oil will stain her clothing, and from the moment she removes her first piece of clothing Vanessa is mesmerized. Penny takes her time, but eventually she comes to the realization that her lesbian tendencies lend perfectly to her new specialty. Happy Endings.

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Vanessa is a sea nymph
2022-10-10 10:23
Very good. Penny and Vaness look to be quite happy. There kisses at the end suggest really for each other performance. I
2022-07-15 21:44
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
So "hard" to belive that this was filmed 6 years ago! Vanessa and Penny where(are) ABSOLUTELY stunningly gorgeous. So much to like about this video other than their gorgeousness though. The dialogue was fabulous. Penny's massage techniques where awesome and so realistic. Makes you wonder did she get to some actual lessons or just naturally talented. I loved her freckles on her breasts and shoulder .and her red bush proves she's all natural Ginger! I also loved the way she worked the earlier story line about Vanessa's toes into the actual foot worship and toe sucking during the tribbing sex scene. Vanessa's body is smoking hot. (Even today). I loved her gorgeous pussy and that beautiful pink against the color of her labia and Penny's fingers. That fantastic long black silky shiny hair! The way she played with it and kept putting it up on her head with her forearms was so erotic.
The camera work Alan and Craven was great. Especially considering how far away the scene was actually shot from with the whole couch, window in the shot. Great job guys and thanks to your crew and to Bree!
2020-06-23 03:11
They only need more oil...
2019-10-10 11:19
Hank Moody
Vanessa is always amazing when she's being taken by another women. Would love to see her take a cock.
2019-09-13 17:59