What's NURU Gel?

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Video Description: Eliza Ibarra and her friend, Aidra Fox, are hanging out together. Eliza invited Aidra over to keep her company while she housesits for her parents while they're away. The house is so big that it gets a bit lonely sometimes! It's gotten even bigger since her parents started renovations on it, including adding a new massage room because her mom's REALLY into massages lately.

Aidra is intrigued -- has Eliza ever been in the room? Eliza admits that she hasn't since it's forbidden. Aidra gets a daring look in her eyes as she points out that Eliza's parents aren't around now, so...

The two girls sneak into the forbidden massage room but are confused by the lack of a massage table. Instead, they find an inflatable mattress and Nuru gel, although they have no idea what kind of gel that really is. They play around with it, marveling at the texture, figuring that it has to be some kind of massage oil. Eliza then casually suggests that she can massage Aidra and give the gel a spin.

Aidra doesn't hesitate to lay face down on the mattress while Eliza begins massaging any bare skin that isn't covered by clothes. It doesn't take long for them to realize that the massage would be a whole lot easier if Aidra were naked, though!

Once Aidra is naked, Eliza resumes the massage, getting Aidra nice and relaxed. Finally, wanting to experience the gel and contact for herself, Eliza strips down naked, too. Since the sexual tension is steadily building between them, Aidra doesn't mind this for one second as Eliza begins sliding their bodies together. Now that they're building more tension than they're relieving, there's really nothing else left for them to do but to take care of that tension once and for all!

Since Eliza was already sliding all over Aidra's hot body, she gets to work tribbing Aidra, pleasuring them both. It isn't too long before they're then taking turns tonguing and fingering each other's pussies while pouring more oil all over their glistening bodies. As they enjoy themselves to the fullest, it's easy to see why Eliza's mom is suddenly obsessed with massages!

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Winnie the Pooh
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of feminine beauty in this video. Both actresses are ravishing.
2019-03-19 19:39
Huhh, what does this Nuru Massage gel do? There's only one way to find out. Super cute performers.
2019-03-15 05:07
Daty Bud 2
The Step Mom should catch them and join in to show them how!
2019-03-09 10:53
First off it should be illegal for Aidra Fox to ever wear clothes ok she can war socks during the winter in case her feet get cold. I loved the playfulness of this scene made it a lot of fun to watch.
2019-03-05 23:51
Dark Bagger
Great video, great actresses.

I enjoyed the very natural build up of erotisism. The way Aidra acted when she finally clued into what Eliza was doing was perfectly executed. Mant times, these things are over acted like "What the hell are you doing!!" only to 5 seconds later start eating ass. This was a natural and realistic progression, and I must say the acting, though not plentiful, was top notch. For example, the way Eliza quietly asked to kiss Airdra was very organic.

The girls were both very pretty, and I especially like Airda Fox's slim physique; I'd love to see her casting more lesbian scenes, especially is she plays the one getting seduced.

The sex itself was good, especially because they really did seam "into" it. And FINALLY we have to proper kissing. My thanks to the two ladies and director for making that happen.

A few things annoyed me a little. The fact that they "accidentally" discovered how to use Nuru gel was a little too unbelievable. I know it's porn, but this is the high-end stuff, and I think a very small change to the script would have been less distractingly unrealistic. For example, I would have loved it if they consulted the back of the jug of Nuru gel and followed the instructions at least at first; then things would have gotten out of hand with passion.

All in all, a very great scene and actresses. I give it 9/10

2019-03-05 14:58