Where are My Clothes?

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Video Description: Karlee Grey is waiting patiently in the massage room. When Casey Ballerini arrives to greet her, she tells her to undress and make her way to the shower. Casey lingers a little too long so Karlee inquires if she's gonna leave so she can undress in private. Smiling, Casey leaves the room and Karlee takes off her clothes. She wraps herself in a towel and heads to the shower. Turning on the warm water, it drips all over her perfect body. Unbeknownst to her, Casey is in her room and is up to no good. She grabs Karlee's clothes and hides them. When she returns to her room, they're nowhere in sight.

Casey assures her that the maids has probably misplaced them and she'll make the necessary inquiries. When she comes back, she tells her they're hard at work looking for them and that perhaps she could give her a massage on the house for her trouble. Karlee is uncomfortable and isn't really in the mood for all this. She doesn't like massages but Casey assures her that since she's tense she probably needs it now more than ever. Since she has to wait, she may as well get something out of it. She agrees reluctantly and drops her towel. Then she lays down on the table.

Working her feet and moving up to her shoulders, she gets a little closer to her ass and Karlee remarks that she's getting a little too comfortable. Casey assures her that it's part of the program and that she should just relax. When Karlee starts enjoying it, she asks her to squeeze her ass harder. Casey can't help but comply. She turns over and asks her to massage her tits followed by her pussy. Gently at first, she starts playing with it. Then Karlee takes off Casey's clothes and starts massaging her. It isn't long before they start making out and savoring each other's bodies.

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Good. I thoroughly enjoyed Karlee and Casey and their gorgeous, well developed bodies and their humorous conversation and bantering throughout this film. We all know Karlee has one of the most attractive, natural bodies in the industry; but few of us know much about Casey because she is relatively new to lesbian film. I was very impressed with her acting, humor, and very shapely body. If she stays in the profession, she is only going to get better. Karlee got her off several times and she got Karlee off a time or two, but with more practice and experience Casey will stop missing opportunities to devour pussy, as she did in this film. Casey, your future is bright. Karlee and you fed off of each other well. If you continue to work with other experienced women like Karlee you will be outstanding in all your lesbian films. Karlee, I have always appreciated your beautiful face and body with it’s gorgeous, natural breasts and cute, erect nipples and your perfect, round butt and wet, beautiful, pink pussy and clean, lickible butt hole. Casey’s beautiful, full body complimented yours. Casey also has attractive, large, natural breasts and cute erect nipples, and a very beautiful, pink, weet pussy and cute butt hole. Thanks, girls.
2021-05-14 14:36
2019-06-20 04:51
Good start to my 2018
2018-01-20 15:08
What a great debut from a girl who is basically brand new. Adorably cute and perky, very relaxed for a newbie and a body to make you scream with joy. Fuck, but it's so exciting when Karlee strips her naked at last !

Huge kudos to Karlee for the help she gives Casey here. That's so generous of her, and makes me an even bigger fan of hers than I was before.
2018-01-17 19:50
Thanks...been waiting for Karlee to do a girl/girl massage scene for some time now.
2018-01-10 04:43