Whoops I Slipped!

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Video Description: Abella Danger walks into the room and introduces herself to her client Riley Reyes. When she asks Riley to undress she can't help but check her out. Riley's body is incredible and Abella can't resist looking at her. Riley lies down on the table as Abella oils up her hands. She starts working on her back noticing how strong she is, adding that she loves working on girls that work out. She starts massaging her lower back making sure she glides her hands down Riley's perfectly shaped ass. She asks Riley how it feels - she seems to be enjoying herself as much as Abella is.

When she starts to massage her pussy Riley moans in ecstasy enjoying how Abella's fingers are sliding over her clit. When she starts fingering her, Riley asks her to go faster as she pounds her pussy. Making her cum, Abella decides it's high time she takes off her clothes as well. She gets up on the table and starts grinding her body on Riley's. Sliding down, she puts her tongue in Riley's ass licking it passionately. Riley gets up and starts kissing Abella wanting a taste for herself. When Abella climbs on top of her she faces fucks her making her cum multiple times in her mouth. When Abella gets on all fours it's time for Riley to get a taste as she licks her ass and eats her pussy. When the girls trib they cum all over each other and when they're done it's guaranteed that Riley will be booking another massage with Abella

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God, I love this scene so much!! I keep coming back to it. Two of the most amazing backsides on the planet.....and covered in oil!! What's not to like?!!
2021-03-16 13:00
Riley Reyes has been around for a while. Entered porn at 23, she's 31 now. Abella was 18 when this was made just a few months after she entered porn. These two gorgeous women have chemistry that's off the charts. I watched this on my 4K monitor & it is really difficult to believe that they are nearly 12 years apart in age. Riley is so damned versatile, If you want an incredible scene with Riley Reyes and Natalie Mars, check out the scene they shot for Transfixed - It is absolutely astonishing. I've been a fan of Riley's for a while now & love Abella Danger. It's always great to see two women who identify as lesbian leaning bisexuals and prefer lovemaking with girls let loose and make magic together, especially with a director & crew who can support them. The camerawork, direction by Alan X & editing in this scene was spectacular
2020-12-07 21:35
I mean I kind of knew from a preview that this was going to be good, but oh my lord, it was amazing. I've seen Abella before so I knew how sexy and stacked she is, but I've never seen Riley Reyes before and she is just as sexy and stacked. I will definitely be watching more of Riley Reyes. Both ladies ate pussy very well and the facesitting, with asses like they have was just remarkable. And the fisting was just the icing on the cake that really put this scene over the top. Really great job all around and a must watch, you will NOT be disappointed!! Oh and the oil, which made them shine really enhanced this scene in a way I haven't seen before and maybe it's because how curvy they are but it really added to the hotness of this scene.
2020-06-26 23:28
Super film - well, with Abella we are always onto a winner - and Riley gives her all too. Super work on Riley's pussy fro around 7'40", wonderful rimming and great tribbing! The fisting was a wonderful surprise (I hadn't checked the tags beforehand) and that was about the cherry on top of a superb AGM flm.
2020-02-15 12:24
WOW! That was hot so very very hot. Abella right Riley does have a great ass and Abella's is also really nice covered in oil.
2019-01-29 23:55