Yoga Class

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Video Description: Mia Malkova rushes to Yoga class, apologizing to her instructor Vanessa Veracruz for being late. Vanessa tells Mia she didn't miss anything since there is no class today, but offers her a private lesson, because Mia came from so far, and since Vanessa has the time. Vanessa starts Mia off with a basic pose, having Mia extend her ripe-peach ass in the air, touching her hands all the way to her feet. Vanessa admires Mia's ass, and glides her hands all over her smooth body. After a few poses, Mia complains of a sore neck and Vanessa takes control, rubbing Mia's neck, but doesn't want to put oil all over her top. Vanessa suggests they make this into a naked yoga session. Mia feels comfortable enough to expose her boobs to another girl, as does Vanessa. Vanessa rubs Mia's back and neck, then slowly grabs onto Mia's natural boobs knowing this is what Mia wants. Mia and Vanessa exchange tender kisses. Vanessa is ready and eager to taste Mia's soft, supple pussy lips. Mia's eyes roll back in heavenly rapture, shaking from an intense orgasm. It's now Vanessa's turn to be pleased sexually, she spreads her legs wide apart, inviting Mia to tease the outside of her pussy lips making them nice and wet. Mia pushes her fingers deep inside Vanessa's pussy, for the ultimate and most sensual yoga class ever seen!

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"Video super boring." You honestly have NO IDEA!
2022-02-21 02:18
Video super boring.
2022-01-07 05:20
Wow. These two have chemistry like no one else. Holy wow that was great.
2020-07-13 13:48
Can't believe I hadn't watched this scene till just now considering how big of a fan I am of Mia. Mia definitely has one of the best asses in porn if not the best and this video showcased it in all its glory. It would've been really hot to see Vanessa take Mia's ass with a strap-on in this scene when she was behind her also. If that had happened this would've melted the entire internet I do believe.
2017-06-06 06:10
Mia is one my favorite porn stars she really gets into the scene. What if you do Vanessa and Megan salinas!!
2016-12-03 10:37